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Organic Feed in Oviedo/Orlando FL

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Ive been scouring all the local feed stores in Oviedo and Orlando areas trying to find a store which sells organic chicken feed. The alternative is to order this online at about $64 per 50 pound bag. Almost half of that cost is shipping.


I talked to a local feed store in Oviedo called Oviedo Feed


159 N Central Ave Ste H

Oviedo, FL 32765



They said they don't carry organic chicken feed because they think they simply would not sell it. If they believed they could sell it, they have the means to obtain/order it. If you live in Orlando/Oviedo, and are interested in organic feed, please be vocal and let your local feed store know your desire. If enough people speak up, stores will realize there is a demand and will start carrying organic options.




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Ryan, have you been able to find a local source for organic feed yet? I am in Orlando and am looking for a somewhere local that sells organic layer pellets. 

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I might be wrong but I have done a little research and found that Organic and non organic feed is almost the same. What would be the difference in organic feed and what benefits does it have?


Our flock free ranges at gets a lot of its food from whatever they scrounge up in the woods. I mean we feed them but they spend most of the day running around looking for natural foods to eat.

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Ours free range all day too, but still end up eating a fair amount of feed. I guess my main concern with a feed that is not organic is that it is most likely loaded with GMO corn and soy. If I could find a feed that didn't contain GMO ingredients I would be fine with it not being organic. Do you know of one?

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I just discovered that Palmer Feed recently started carrying organic feed. This is the only place in town that I know of. 

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That is such a great resource! Thanks so much!

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has anybody tried or know of where I can find any of these ingredients to make my own home feed

Im in orlando also

I was looking to buy organic feed also but am wodering if it would be cheaper to make my own


Homemade Poultry Feed Mix

- 2 parts whole corn

- 3 parts soft white wheat

- 3 parts hard red winter wheat

- ½ part Diatomaceous Earth (not the kind you put in your pool)

- 1 part hulled barley

- 1 part oat groats

- 2 part sunflower seeds

- ½ part peanuts

- 1 part wheat bran

- 1 part split peas

- 1 part lentils

- 1 part quinoa

- 1 part sesame seeds

- 1/2 part kelp

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If your on FAceBook, join chicken enthusiasts in and around volusia county. Lots of resources there and recommended feed or grain mill is Luznars in New Smyrna / Samsula area. Also a few of us in the Oviedo /Geneva area that sometimes buy organic feed.  Good luck!

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Google Medesto milling
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