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For Sale:
Cornish breeding stock young birds and chicks

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I have breeding stock quality Cornish chicks that I don't really need.  I only intend to keep back the dark pullets, and can sell everything else if someone is interested.  I have about 12 white laced reds of both sexes to sell, and 3-4 dark males.  Plus, I have some EE (either SQ Ameraucana hen under BLR Cornish, or dark cornish bantam hens under SQ Ameraucana, or Silkie under BLR Cornish available as well.  


Plus, I have 4 Dark cornish bantam one year old hens that I would part with as I lost my male and have nothing to breed them to, thus the EE chicks mentioned above.


Contact for pricing, located near the IL/ IA/ MO corner.  



I had an ad posted all spring selling hatching eggs from these birds, I'll see if I can find it as it will contain pictures of the parents.