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Birds digestive systems are not designed to eat uncooked rice.  It expands after they eat it and is very tough on their systems.  That is why many wedding chapels forbid throwing rice, the doves, seagulls and pigions eat it can die.  Cook it and it is fine.
The above statement is totally untrue. The digestive system of a bird (chicken) is 100 percent capable of digesting uncooked rice. 

Yes, the ubran myth that rice kills birds is all false...

The real reason chapels and churches don't want you to throw rice is because it's incredibly hard to clean up from the grass and all the other little cracks and crevices, and thus the leftovers will attract all sorts of vermin and birds... In a short time the area will be crawling with pigeons, rodents and other birds looking for a free treats especially when they see people gather all the while pooping everywhere and likely also disturbing future weddings... Just look at some videos of people in the city feeding pigeons and imagine that happening at every weddings...
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The founder of Girl Scouts was deaf in one ear from having rice thrown in her ear during a wedding.
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