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We have a "Stella" and a "Power Rangers" 3 yr old son picked " power rangers".
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I love some of these names! My husband wanted to name all of our chicks after popular dishes (Chicken Marsala, Lemon Chicken, Coq a Vin, etc.), but I couldn't stand thinking about my girls every time I eat at a French restaurant! We compromised and named them after spices/herbs. Right now we have:


Pepper (French Black Copper Marans)

Cinnamon (Buff Orpington)

Paprika (Rhode Island Red)

Rosemary (Easter Egger)


Next week I plan to get a Cream Legbar pullet to add to my chicks, but I haven't chosen a name for her. Does anyone know of another blue-flowering herb that would make a cute name? :)

cream legbars are barred and purplish and thyme has small purplish flowers so there might be some resemblance. anise, borage, lavanda, mint...

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I always give my chicken first and last names!

I've got :-
Hubert Cumberdale (buff hen)
Marjory Stewart-Baxter (buff hen)
Fanny McKrakin (silver campine roo)
Horace Polinski (red old English roo)
Bertha Sweeny (cream Legbar hen)
Gertrude Fluff (dark brahma hen)
Kenneth Frederick-Chow (black star hen)
Mildred Millington (black star hen)

My ducks are

Barry Snazel (runner drake)
Peking Over-hedge (runner drake)
Prudence Merrywrather (runner hen)
Scally flapper (runner hen)
Gertrude Sauce (runner hen)
Boris Brightwater (Muscovy hen)
Sandy Gusset (buff duck hen)
Guffy Carington (alsbury hen)
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here they are more fluffy, Greyzelda, Joelene (facing away), Lola in the back, and Wilhelmina.

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My RIR rooster's name is Cluck Norris. I can't take credit for it but it's AWESOME! His bother, our belated RIR, was named The Pecker because he fluffed up and pecked anyone and everything, like my dogs, goats, and random, intimidating inanimate objects.


My Ameracauna hen's name is Angelina Poultry and our 3 barred Plymouth Rock hens I lovingly refer to as Fatty Patties because their so fluffy.

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What I'm doing is naming my chicks off of Disney Princess! So Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Ariel, Snow White, etc. I name them off of the behavior of the chick so if the chick is brave or curious I would name her Merida (Brave). Same thing for Roos I would name them after Disney princes and behavior, my fav is Simba for a chick!
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and black Betty.

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I have a black silkie rooster named bubba. Bonnie and Clyde for my peafowl. Beyoncé and snuggles for my two hens
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We have a silver laced Wyandotte named Margaret Hatcher

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Chickenletta and Poke- mottled houdan hens

Napoleon- mottled cochin bantam roo

Lottie- calico cochin bantam hen

Legs, Marmalade, and Perry- EE Hens

Sweet Cheeks- OE mix hen

Betty Boop- Black ameraucana hen

Honey Fluff, and "the ladies"- 8 salmon faverolles hens

Butler and Jazz- Salmon faverolles roos

Lady Grey and Dot- blue splash marans hens

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