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Boody hens "in coop" set ups?

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Another broody thread - sorry.


I would like to see some photos of how people set up their coop, if their boody hen is left in the coop to hatch the babies.  Or what you do, do?




Raising Children is like being Pecked to Death by a Chicken!

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We have a large coop with a chicken wire pen inside it, about 5' x 5', which has been used for several things, including a setting broody.  When the chicks are up and running around at about 2 days, this area is opened up, and the mama raises the chicks mixed in with the whole flock.  Everyone is fed something besides layer so the chicks won't get too much calcium (flock raiser, grower, even starter) and oyster shell is offered separately for the laying hens.  The chicks don't seem to bother the oyster shell.


With each batch, both the mama and the chicks obviously wanted out of their pen to be with the rest of the flock.

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I tired to upload some pics for you but it isnt working:( I just let my broody hen sit in the nest box and let the other birds be around her. She doesn't seem to mind and one bird will sit with her to keep her company. I try to keep the roo away though.
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I have 3 horses too!


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You do!? What breeds? We have a off the track racehorse a 3 yr old pony and a 3yr old mustang
Rabbit Kizzi and Sjoeka
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I have two TWH and a Spotted saddle horse. 


Magnum is 16.1  8 yrs old and awesome - i bought him from a guy who was selling him as he wasn't a smooth ride.  He must have been a padded horse.  now he is a barefoot, natural horsemanship happy horse.  The others are the same but Judge is 14.3 and Magic, who is a newest addition and is a palomino with some extra white - about 14 hh.

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Cool! I love palominos! My friend has a twh named Carbon who is a very nice horse, (even though her husband calls him a camel) I think he is a very pretty boy. Do you ride English or western?
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I ride both.   I grew up riding english and ride either here.  Right now I ride more western - because it's fun to ride something different.  I like endurance saddles - no horns!  I always get something stuck on them as I get off - all those years riding english!!

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I ride English but started riding in a western saddle because it came with the pony and she was so wide that we couldn't fit the English saddle we had on her! then we got a wintec with the adjustable things in it.
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The wintech's are a great saddle for adjusting to be able to fit the horse.  A lot of people put a saddle that "look" nice on a horse, but are piching them half to death.  They really don't know how lucky they are to have a horse that is not throwing them every time they get on them. 

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