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Increase Egg Production

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Does anyone have ideas on how to increase egg production?  I have 3 White Rocks and 1 Americana all about 5 months old.  Only 2 of the White Rocks seem to be laying so far.

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Seems to be right on schedule. 5 months is only 21-22 weeks of age, 24 weeks is a good marker that some will start laying before and some a little after.


Tricks for better egg production would be to ensure you don't over treat the birds. Layer feeds are a properly balanced diet for laying, treats should not interfere with quality feed intake. Also remember that eggs are heavy in water weight. You'll find that your birds drink more water if fresh cold water is supplied morning and during the day, several times a day with hot weather.

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I have 1 RIR that started and stopped and started and now stopped for the last 2-3 days and it is frustrating.  But I guess that is just normal.  Be patient!

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