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8-12 weeks depending on the genetics of your birds.
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Quails are great backyard birds because they don't need a lot of space, you can just keep them in a coop!:) if you wan't to handle them you can get japanese quails. They are also good layers.:weee  

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Yah my Tibetan female has gone broody day 4 and still sitting
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Help my females will not let my males mate please tell me why
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I have 6 right now, hatched them from eggs i ordered on line. Hatched out 10, one had to be put down due to a broken leg at about 5 weeks. then gave three away to a friend. now I have six laying hens. I get between 5 and 6 eggs a day. Lots of fun to raise.  

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Does anyone have any Californian quail or courtix quail for sale or know of a place I can get some chicks
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Can I separate my one Roo for a while? My hens are looking awful. One hen is obviously the favorite. Will he get sick or be sad or something if I put him on his own for a while?
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Wow sorry guys. A lot of questions asked with no answers given. If youre still trying to solve your questions asked on this thread repost them and I'll answer as best i can.

Dannies go ahead and separate him but leave him close by if you can. He's going to crow about 100 times a day but he'll be fine. If your cage is big enough just put him under a milk crate with his own food and water and you wont have to reintegrate him later. When their feathers have healed you can reintegrate him. Integration takes 1-2 weeks of The burds being in full sight of each other side by side at which point all the birds should be mixed in a cage that is new to everyone if possible.
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Is their a bobwhite breeder close to Sonora ca
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hi i am new even though i joined 2 years ago i havent been on. I just got 2 quail chicks about 2 months old and I'm pretty sure they are both females.. I hope i can find some friends who also like quail. 

2 EXTREMELY CUTE Coturnix Quail

Lives in Northern California


2 EXTREMELY CUTE Coturnix Quail

Lives in Northern California

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