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ISO !!! buff or other kinds lace polish chickens for sale near my area
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ISO of Bearded Golden laced Polish chickens, straight run, rooster or hatching eggs. I live in NC, but will pay for shipping.

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Alice Cooper my splash hen
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I love polish chickens this is polly.
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OMG I love polish chickens, they are just sooooooo cute! Their head is the best, mine looks like this:

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Originally Posted by OohLaLa View Post

Question..Are Tolbunts and other Polish chickens considered "bantam size"? I am trying to purchase numbered leg bandetts. They come in #7 (7/16") fits most Bantam breeds, #9 (9/16") fits most standard breed hens, #11 (11/16") fits most standard roosters and #12 fits large roosters. I have Polish hens and roos. I am lost as to which size is the right to purchase, any clues?
Polish are small chickens though not considered bantam. Do you have any hens of similar size?
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i don't have any Polish but would really like some laced hens.  i hear the are often picked on so i would want put them in with my banties.  i have two sebights, a japanese bantam, and three mixes of the two.  what i want to know is how big are polish compared too those breeds.  more importantly the first three,  because the mixes won't get larger than their parents. 

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Got two little chicks the other day!
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Originally Posted by CliftonFarmer View Post

Got two little chicks the other day!

Old thread-I know but wondering if anyone has new polish pics to share?
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