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Egg turner schematic - Page 2

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I have a motor from incubator warehouse that you can wire to go both directions . Would I wire this differently? I understand limit switches but the relay stuff is driving me nuts! Thanks for any help.
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what kind of timer would be the best to use

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Thank you for posting this nice schematic

However, by trying to understand how it works I found out that when the timer is ON it has to stay on until the next time to reverse the motor direction. On the next cycle the timer will turn the relay OFF and the motor will rotate on the other direction until it hits the limit switch.


This means if I want the eggs to be turned every 2 hours this means that the timer and relay will stay 2 hours ON and 2 hours OFF


Is this correct.


If not, please explain to me who the circuit will work


Do you think I need to use 2 timers and 2 relays?



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