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Mountain Quail For sale

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Hi i wanted to ask if anyone will have mountain quail eggs or birds for sale?

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have mountain quail. will not have any eggs intill may when they start laying. have some started birds. shipping 11 to california tuesday.

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What do you charge for quail eggs or started quail

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straight run , 3 for$120.00 plus shipping. eggs go for $5.00  apiece but I have got $10.00 apiece on ebay. these are my favorite  of all the different quail i have raised.they are hard to raise when chicks is one of the reasons the price is so have to keep beak trimmed every 4 0r 5 days in till they get about 5 weeks old. you have to watch out for toe picking , which mountain chicks will pick their own toes off. they need a lot of room and clean cages. these are not for people just starting out with quail.some people just buy them to keep as pets not hatching any,they like the color and when they call. let me know if you are interested in any next spring I have sold all the quail i had for sale this week. Thank You


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 Hello how are you? My name is Sal and I live in Southern California. I would like to know if you have any Mountain Quail for sale? I'm also interested in some eggs this coming spring. I have had and raised these quail before. I was let go from my job over 1 1/2 years ago. I'm just now getting back on my feet again. I had to cut down on my birds, but am now trying to get some back.  I breed exotic pigeons and dove. Which I have over 30 species including quails and soft-bills. If you like to call me my cell is (909) 573-8994. What other type of birds do you have?? Thank you for your time and I will be waiting for your reply or call.



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Hi doug, I'm checking in with you on the mountain quail.. And see what all you were going to have this coming spring...

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Hello can you Email me Prices on your 


Valley Quail Eggs

Gamble Quail Eggs

Mountain Quail eggs 


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I would love to get another two or three female for my gamble male if anyone is getting ready to sell
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hi, do you have any mountain quail for sale now? Please email me at Will be waiting for your email, i would like to talk to you some more about the mountain quail. Thanks you.
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Do you sell individual Mountain Quail? I am looking to buy a single hen Mountain Quail.



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