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Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

  • 27% (45)
    They're sooo cute!
  • 7% (13)
    They're friendly!
  • 22% (37)
    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
165 Total Votes  
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Please help someone baby kits born sometime Sunday night and Monday found at 6 pm.they where supposed to be born on 30. I had a injured hen with her for 24 hours intell we could move hen do to holiday.there a little bit bigger from last litter. But still small. 1 found dead 1 way under development pink 2.0 1.6 2.0 1.5 only one gray one.weight at 10 pm last night.we had to move her location to bathroom wear it's a better temp and In closed.her buddy is in bathtub in his kennel. Her kennel carrier the box for baby kits it was her hide out for a month.Should I be feeding albino the rabbit some of that kit formula or just her normal feed. I don't know if she getting enough.4 handful of kale a day and Timothy hay and 1 cup of pellets. These litter is a little bigger but not by 2.0 gray 1.6 pink 2.0 pink 1.5 pink dead when found 1.4 1 underdeveloped really early on.
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Last litter was black 1.1 black 1.1 pink 1.0 pink lost all other past away. Big litter we didn't know about. We don't want same mistake to happen again.
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