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Rabbits! - Page 52

Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

  • 27% (45)
    They're sooo cute!
  • 7% (13)
    They're friendly!
  • 22% (37)
    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
165 Total Votes  
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She is doing really well with them. I move the does to a necessary pen 5X5X4 cozy in side my 30X50 metal building. Nice and warm and quite. I have been giving her milk supplement for 2 weeks so she is not stressed to produce milk for the babies, she has actually gained a little weight .
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Baby didn't care for bedding and mom moved the towel it was on. That's fine. But it works everywhere else that counts.she comfy. She seems stressed when I lock her up with kits at feeding time wanting to eat the carrier. I try not to feed her with kits. So she can eat on her free time. The baby's our growing. But I may buy another water feeder next week for her so she has two. I may put kit milk in it. So she can drink it in the carrier. And have water out side buy food bowl. I like the kits to be a little bigger. At least one of them the smallest one.
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