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Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

  • 27% (45)
    They're sooo cute!
  • 7% (13)
    They're friendly!
  • 22% (37)
    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
165 Total Votes  
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Still no kits.
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That is a lot of hair. Have u tried touching her belly? Do you know exactly when she got pregnant?
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Originally Posted by noble View Post

That is a lot of hair. Have u tried touching her belly? Do you know exactly when she got pregnant?

The date was 1/19, so today (2/20) is 32 days.

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I'd have to relook at the notes here. To be sure. The last couple of days I have been giving her back the older kits for a few minutes while I feel the bowls of food. Smokey the dad seems depressed she wants to be near the older kits and seems to be worried.the older kits seem to be depressed without mom rabbit. I worried for them.
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1/18/2015 was the exact date.
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1/18/2016 I sorry type o.
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Kits don't want to move around a lot they lay down. So does smokey.the dad. They all seem tired and depressed . I cleaned in there yesterday thinking there might be something in there bothering them. Changed bedding cleaned with bleach. Laundered all towels . Put new towels. Sept for the cage with all the hair in it. I wanted to keep that intact at the moment. It should be right on cue. Because a chicken was born early these morning .and they here set doing the time frame give or take a couple of days. Since the emergency chick was born. It take about 3 weeks give or take a few days.
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The incubators our mostly set on top of each other. Sept for these time.No eggs have gone in at all. Incubator is being cleaned out and setting out side for awhile in the sun. There's been a lot of issues with the hatches.we have done before I had all my surgerys ni
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And we had a good hatch in November .so we our doing that. I have to the 27 of the month to decide if I breeding my other female for Easter.we might have ducks for st Patrick day and my birthday. So very busy.
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