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Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

  • 27% (45)
    They're sooo cute!
  • 7% (13)
    They're friendly!
  • 22% (37)
    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
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80 f degree in house where she is.
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Originally Posted by tracyjg View Post

I looked and touched her from out side. I will let vet exam her today internal organs. Where there's Steral surface for exams. I clean but I don't want her to get an infection. I know some of it. But not enough to know when it might be to much for her.

Palpation is done from the outside.

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No false pregnancy with ex rays. Only tissue from last litter.
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And there was a lot of bloating and gases in her said its normal with kits starting to wean from mom.
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It's a mixed blessing. I sad I can not breed my other rabbit for Easter. Because of vet costs. I sad because she doesn't have a litter. But I greatful for I can spend sometime with hopes my ducks and chickens hatch and the two baby chicken born alive. Vet said she may no someone looking for a couple if rabbits. So not all is lost. We will bread again in a while. I need to save I income for the went on vet costs. I am happy she is ok.
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Originally Posted by Bunnylady View Post
Originally Posted by cassie View Post

Have you tried palpating her?


Kits at 34 days' gestation would be pretty hard to miss, wouldn't they?


I'm thinking that when this doe started pulling fur at day 28, that was the end of a false pregnancy. Most does don't pull fur until just before or just after kits are born, though they often pull fur for days after kindling (particularly in cold weather). Continuously pulling fur for a week before giving birth is very unusual, though I have had one doe (out of hundreds over the years) that did.



Originally Posted by tracyjg View Post

No false pregnancy with ex rays

Looks like I was right - the false pregnancy had ended almost a week before. While I have had dozens and dozens of does that experienced false pregnancies, I have never seen one that went past the "due date" with one, and your doe was "due" last Friday.


I'm sorry, but I don't see this as a "mixed" blessing at all - it's a blessing, pure and simple. This doe hasn't burdened you with yet more animals that you don't have adequate housing for. Since you now have your animals separate and you know what you need to do to prevent pregnancy, you can spend your time reading and learning about what is involved in properly caring for rabbits, and finding homes for the babies that you do have (which will need to be separated by gender by the time they are 10 weeks old, or the males will breed their sisters and you will have even more of a mess on your hands). When you have a good set up in place for housing your animals, you will be able to have intentional litters that you are adequately prepared for, and spare yourself and your animals a lot of stress and drama.

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Originally Posted by tracyjg View Post

Smokey the dad seems depressed she wants to be near the older kits and seems to be worried.the older kits seem to be depressed without mom rabbit. I worried for them.



Originally Posted by tracyjg View Post

80 f degree in house where she is.

80o F is very warm for a rabbit. Your rabbits aren't "depressed," they are hot. They are not in danger of heat stroke, but they are just lying around and not moving much because moving around makes them uncomfortably warm. "Depressed" and "worried" are human mental states; these are animals, and you need to remember that. Animals do not have the same feelings that we do; they experience and respond to stress in their own ways. In this case, your animals are responding in a physical way (not moving around) to a physical stress (being too warm).

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It's not hot the air is on. I freezing but that ok.75 • degree there feed water medical care clean environment clean towels. There still laying down. The air conditioning says 65•degrees it's set at 70• degrees.
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61•degrees outside today.. What else do they need at moment.
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The vet said there was two girls there with there mom at moment. Two boys our in front section.
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