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Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

  • 27% (45)
    They're sooo cute!
  • 7% (13)
    They're friendly!
  • 22% (37)
    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
165 Total Votes  
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How often where these rabbits looked at and cared for in a days time. How much human time was given on a single days time. I am around mine all the time. That is why they our all in bathroom right now. How cold was the outside air. And the inside air. How often was it cleaned. How often vet care. And I don't mean when they where sick or injured.did they have enough toys and things to chew on. Enough Timothy hey. Freedom to wander around free play outside or inside. How often where they handled. I now with some animals they need constant attention. Treats food play time clean time. And some animals or good with some people and not with others .did you spay them with water or try to disaplian train them. Or was it you our bad so you live alone.aggravating situation even more. Did they fight at night or in day time. Was there outside noise or was it pretty quiet. I mean street neighbors aircraft children or other pets intaganizing the animals..or loud noise from your house hold to upset them. I now sometimes the pets in my home have weird hormones at certain times in month. Or they favor one adult at certain times.
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Did they hunt for food or was it given in one area.what was stressing them out.what I have read is their suppost to be close by each other.and that not what your telling us.where they intruduced correctly.did you spend a lot of time at a store work vacations ect long time away from home buying things.or did you have delivered it to you.
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Did you have a lot of help. And someone miss treated the environment or pet. Or where you alone most of the time.
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People who believe that rabbits are naturally social creatures misunderstand the true nature of a rabbit. In the wild, the European wild rabbit is the only kind of rabbit that is ever found living in groups - every other kind of rabbit lives alone. This is why people think our domestic rabbit (which is descended from the European wild rabbit) is social. But when people have actually studied the behavior in the "groups" of wild rabbits, they have not found any kind of "social" behavior - no shared care of the young, no mutual grooming, none of the things that indicate a group bond. What they have observed, is that it is "every rabbit for itself" within the colony - and that even applies to the tunnels. Each tunnel has one owner; namely, the rabbit that dug it. If any other rabbit enters another rabbit's burrow, it is promptly attacked. There are no "friends" or "family" in a wild rabbit colony - there are dominant rabbits that have fought their way to the top of the pecking order, and subordinate rabbits that may spend a lot of time just getting out of the way of the dominants. The dominant rabbits usually have the tunnels that are at the center of the "warren," and the subordinates' tunnels are located more toward the edges.


When the researches have looked at the area the rabbits are living in, they have found that most of time, the rabbits are concentrated in areas that have the best conditions. The surrounding soil is too sandy, too wet, too rocky - for some reason, it can't support tunnels, so the rabbits are forced to live in the limited areas in which they can dig tunnels. In areas where good conditions are more widespread, the rabbits spread out - which makes it look like the rabbits live together by necessity rather than by choice.


Most of the people who have experience with breeding rabbits can tell tales of rabbit aggression as bad or worse than the ones I have mentioned. My rabbits have behaved like perfectly normal, intact, sexually mature rabbits do. The only thing that has been stressing them is that they don't have thousands of square feet of space in which to spread out and get as far away from each other as their instincts tell them they need to.

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What was gods purpose or higher spirit spiritual purpose for them that's different from any other creatures on earth. How does one keep them individually.
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So your telling me they have to live in cages individually. North side of the room. South side of the room. East side of the room. West side of the room. South/west side but not to close south/east but not to close north /west north/east or in opposite rooms of house or yard. A lot of work.
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Its almost always lots of work to properly care for any species of animal in the manner best suited to that animals needs. My rabbits are kept apart except for supervised breeding. They are healthy, content, placid animals. They have the space to act like rabbits. Yes, it makes much more work for me doing the same chores for each animal, but no more than the dogs, cat, chickens and ducks we have. Every one of them has tailored needs and a specific, approriate care routine.
No animal is a human. They lack reason. They contribute to our lives with, companionship, food, clothing even, but at the end of the day it is our responsibility to make sure we meet the physical and mental needs of any animal we take in, for any purpose. What we may " want" may not. Be what they "need".
I firmly believe the Lord made every animal in perfection, its up to us to respect and support it. I do not mean to harp, or lecture, but i am amazed every day at the seperate perfection of my animals, and get a bit frustrated when we attach very human emotions to them. I apologize for such a long post, and wish everyone well.
Family and i keep 3 dark brahmas, 2 new hampshire, 3 australorp, a silver laced wyandotte, a speckled sussex, 2 EE, 2 pekin ducks, 8 turkeys,4 flemish giant rabbits, 4 dogs, great pyr, lab and min pins, 1 cat. And 1 aquarium.
Family and i keep 3 dark brahmas, 2 new hampshire, 3 australorp, a silver laced wyandotte, a speckled sussex, 2 EE, 2 pekin ducks, 8 turkeys,4 flemish giant rabbits, 4 dogs, great pyr, lab and min pins, 1 cat. And 1 aquarium.
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Mine seem to be happy close to one another. I just need to get midnight and cinco in different cages.albino not happy unless she has everyone in her family around her. The kits our not happy being apart from her. . Cinco does a little better. With albino around. Not really in same space. Midnight seems happy around kits. Smokey is on top of cinco at the moment. Still need to clean tub out. My partner say when he gets his saw out of pawn he will start making the cages for them. I don't know how he going to do it.i will have to live with it.he said I just have to watch them closely. Their happy.
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I have to feed one of the lite gray bunny with a syringe. I had to feed a few of them some baby food banana. 1 tsp with a syringe to stop upset tummy.i gave them peas but they don't care for it. Next time I will get baby food peas.and Timothy hey. The vet said stop giving so many dadlions.and less oatmeal.and less raspberry less blackberry.
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