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Hi, I too have a hen and a tom - at least pretty darned sure of the sex on the hen, has only exhibited hen characteristics until now.  They are both Bronze turkeys - bought & raised together and just over 3 months old.  Just started occasionally fighting two days ago.  Scarlett will get close to Henry & "say" what must be some pretty nagging wife stuff to him (that's my daughter's explanation), as the more she talks (trills that we've not heard from her before), the more puffed up & ticked off he gets.  Then they jump at each other then he slaps her around.  I've been able to separate them each time so far but didn't realize that the hens would do this. 


Any thoughts on why?


In the first picture Scarlet is on the right and she's on the left in the second picture.  Like I said - I'm pretty sure she's a hen as she's never strutted or gobbled - only Henry has and she exhibits breeding postures when he's strutting.