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I agree there are far more strings attached to a few harmless chickens then a dog or cat.  I agree that dogs and cats get can be allowed to cause much more damage, especially loose cats that are responsible for killing many animals/native species.  When you look at our local ordinance for a dog or cat its only like 3 sentences.  When you look at the one for chickens it is a small novel. 


It's the price to pay when living in a city.  We have many folks and neighbors living around us that all have the right to a different opinion.   If I could afford living outside our city, and have the time to commute I would much prefer to live in the countryside. 


I am happy we could find some compromise with citizens of the city.  The city officials are elected by people, and are responsible to listen to their constituents.  I am thankful enough people got together and worked toward a common goal.   It shows that even though there was some compromise with fees that our city government was responsive to the community.  We did win 5 hens over the cities proposed 3(whoot whoot!)  The Mayor even complimented that we were the most organized group they have ever been faced with.  Our city officials are all just people too and might even live next door.  In this day and age I don't envy the job of any politician or government official.  I'm glad that I don't have a job that no matter what I do makes people unhappy or mad at me everyday.     Hopefully as time passes it will get easier for each city.  Hopefully we can pave the way for other communities to have chickens without lengthy ordinances and fees.


Again, I am thankful just to have 5 spoiled hens pulling at my pant leg and shoe laces each day.

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How do u get Granite City to pass the law' wanting chickens had them in the past in MO

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What was the key argument you used?  It has been shot down twice now by the Village of Hartford (IL).  Three older board members have used the argument that passing it would be a step backwards.  Meaning that going against a current ordinance is taking a step back.  I need to research to see why it was ever passed in the first place.  One of the three touted bird flu as a reason not to have them in town and could it get into our water table.  I researched that, and found that it's not common in a backyard setting, more likely in commercial setting.  And that the chemical our water dept uses is expected to take care of that sort of problem should it arise.  I'm not giving up, I feel it's against my rights to be denied having them.  My neighbors across the alley have a nasty case of the cockroaches.  I feel that chickens could be a natural defense against them, and a lot less harmful than strong insecticides.   Plus I am an animal lover, and have friends that have them.  I would also relish the fresh eggs!  lol  I just would love any help in my plight.  The ordinance that was drawn up for our town states that you have to have a clean living space for them, 6 foot fence, 3 chickens per household, and a metal hanging feeder with a lid to keep rodents out.  

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