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Coffee....where are you?  Are your girls liking the new run?

Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
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Originally Posted by KlopKlop View Post

WE HAVE KITTENS STILL!!  Since i thought the lone kitten was a goner i decided to start hauling out the old straw from my loft. I started pulling bales off the pile and there was a surprise down between some of the bales.  turns out there are 4 kittens and that mommy had moved them.  the dead one maybe was a still birth as it was very small and i just happened on them in mid move.  they just have their eyes opened and are so cute! 3 greys and one white/beige one.  I put the bales back on the top of their den and food out for mama

I remember finding them as a kid. We would dig all through the hay bails looking for them. I was told to stay away from the tom cats. The folks at this farm had lots of them and didn't want them all. So a couple of little kids digging them out was ok with them.

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I just looked and we are number two under hot threads. Good job guys!! Also. Good morning!!!

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Originally Posted by Minniechickmama View Post

YOU LUCKY DUCK!!! 4 Pullets out of 4 chicks?!!!!  

:yesss:  I think it's pretty good advertising for you! I asked for all girl eggs and you delivered! I suppose some credit goes to big broody mama Meredith :love

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Originally Posted by lalaland View Post

klopklop the kittens are so danged adorable.  Are you figuring they are about a week old?   mama's lucky to have you helping her out.  You are so lucky, built in critter control.

I am actually thinking they are closer to 2 weeks. I found the first one mewing last Sunday the 21st and i suspected it was a day old only back then. I will probably wait until the weekend to get up there and handle them.
I put my game camera up there pointed at the den to see what mama is up to
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Originally Posted by The BlanchRanch View Post

I have and will. But I don't make it a common practice anymore. I am glad I wasn't riding when it was 39. That is painful. But when I used to do that, I always thought the ride home when it was warmer made it worth it.

I have friends that rode all winter long. I have one friend who rode to Arizona in January. But even with all the right gear. Anything below 50 just isn't any fun. Some folks have hand warmers and shields. Electric suits. You can always make it work. 


39 was ok but i wouldn't have wanted to do it for more than I had to. Yesterday was mostly just to say that I did smile.png you are definitely right though, the ride home was worth the ride in!!
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I'm really sad the photo upload from my iPhone still doesn't work. I have some really good photos to share sad.png

RedChicken (a RIR) likes to follow me around and help with chores and has now gotten to the point she tolerates me picking her up after which we likes when I scratch her neck. It's so funny! She likes posing for photos
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We have 2 cats both rescues. One was born in a barn and he has been eternally grateful to live with us, you can just tell he's always happy!

 He is 10 years old now, still sweet as ever. He likes to get a rise out of the chickens now and then. He once hid in a pile of leaves I was raking up and when he saw the girls walk by he popped up and they squawked a bit and Barney smiled :)

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Good morning everyone. Did anyone see the northern lights last night? They were absolutley beautiful! and so bright and vivid. I actually noticed them inside my house through a thin white curtain. It was probably the best show.I have ever seen.
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I go to bed too early to ever see the northern lights :(

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