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I'm glad to help you guys. One thing I feel good about is that my guesses at some this stuff can either be backed up by some one more experienced or kindly told that I am wrong. In which case I learn something. I think all of you new folks are highly intelligent and are doing a great job if I may say, too. When things go wrong with chickens it can feel very overwhelming. And you seem to keep your head about you.

KlopKlop I adore the kitten pictures. That little orange kitty had my heart. And the JD combine! DS would go ape seeing that!

Holm you'll have to post Cochin pics when you get them from Heidi. Great birds originating from MCM.

Rhett's were learning from you too dear. You've got a lot going on up there!

Minnie: when I went to college we lived in a house with carpeted kitchen. Like that super flat burber kind. It seemed to fare well but not the most logical of flooring choices. And DH had a plush in his old farm house bathroom. That bathroom was always freezing in the winter and the carpet was nice on bare feet. But I cannot begin to imagine the germs harbored in that carpet... Ish.
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Originally Posted by Cyrus83 View Post

The house on the farm needs a lot of work but I want it. 

I know!  I pass by this abandoned farm house and it calls to me every time.  I want it too.  I actually think it is past saving, but, oh, it was gorgeous in its day.


klop klop, you can start training when they are about 4 weeks of age.  Put them in the box a few minutes after they eat, and you can have some stools already in it.  Stir it with your fingers, you kind of have to show them what to do.  Like a puppy, you put them in it as many times as you can .   Also,  if you know someone with a cat, you could take a new litter box to them and pick it back up a day later and bring it to your kitties when you are starting.  


In the beginning, they will think it is a fine playbox!  thats ok, they will learn.  

Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
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saturday chore list:

   plant the garlic

   plant the spring bulbs I bought on an impulse, it will take longer walking around trying to figure out where to put them than it will to plant them

  haul hay bales over from friend's pole barn where I stored them

  make a cage for a pair of quail to use as soon as rooster goes nuts in spring

 housework?  forget it

Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
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Originally Posted by Minniechickmama View Post
Originally Posted by KlopKlop View Post

No it really is a software bug. When I click the button to upload photos in the post the screen goes dark with a large 'cancel' button in the middle. Except I can't click it! I have to force quit the app and come back in.

There is something that keeps coming up on my phone if I try to take a picture when I am on the page, and the same with Facebook. I have to take the picture with the photo app, then just upload from the device.  I don't see one thing that is an improvement with this OS9 crap.  Some people just make changes for the sake of making changes instead of just leaving a good thing alone.  The weather page ticks me off the most.  If they would just go back to the Classic Maps and give us the ability to see exactly where the precipitation is, I would love it!  But noooo, they have to keep getting new maps that don't show diddly.

Get the NOAA app. It has great radar and the works. 

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Originally Posted by Minniechickmama View Post

So, funny story of the day....


The soy fields mostly got harvested here in the last week before we got rain.  So, of course, the lady beetles are out again.  They aren't as bad as they used to be, but still are making their presence known.
My 17-year old son has been allergic to various things since birth, not in a deadly way, but still, he has reactions.  
He got out of school at 1:34, like every day, and texted to say he was walking to Kwik Trip to meet him there.  I came upon him on Main St. and gave him a ride the rest of the way, at which time he said, "I got a bug in my mouth while I was walking and it is gross."  The 'it is gross' was enough to convince me it was a lady beetle.  Right away his lip started swelling, and within a couple of minutes, his throat was swelling too.  Lucky for us, there is a clinic right in town.  So, over we went.  They took him right in and checked him out, I didn't want him to end up not being able to breathe.  It never got that bad, it wasn't effecting his breathing, just his swallowing.  They gave him Benedryl and it started to improve.  
The doctor had me look in his mouth too, and he was chuckling, that dang bug bit his lip, and bit at least 4 places INSIDE his mouth!  
Son says, "Mom, this could only happen to me."  He has been laughing also.  It was his only day this week he had off from work and he ended up spending half his afternoon out of school in a doctor's office.  Poor kid.


When he was 3 they were covering him one day on the stoop.  He loved playing with bugs.  I went out to check on him and he was blowing up with lumps all over.  I pulled him inside and washed him off and called the doctor's office.  They said to give him benedryl then too.  I did and it got better over the course of a few hours.  But when I showed him what the bugs had caused, he said with angry tears in his eyes, "My FRIENDS did this to me??"  I laughed my butt off!  

That is nothing to mess around with. I can't believe the doctor didn't give you an EpiPen. I would demand one. If you hadn't been right there it could have gone really wrong.

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Morning Ralphy! Enjoy your coffee.

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that moon is sweet this morning - clear night so lots of stars.  Owls calling like crazy.  You can bet I.Did.Not.Open.the.Quail.Coop. Door   Since I didn't have to retrieve any quail this morning, I have a few minutes to spare before setting off to work. 


Petunia is still broody, but I don't have the heart to put her in the broody cage .  We'll see how the weekend goes,  I will have time to pull her off the nest a couple of times during the day.  


Setting up a rooster pen inside the big coop so on Wednesday Ralphies creamer roo can see everyone for a few days before joining the flock.  This will work out great, I am just about finished with the layer mash from Dan's in Superior, and I can get some all flock without the calcium since the rooster won't want to be eating that.  Can't wait to see him!   I am skipping quarantine, which I would heartily advise anyone against doing so, but the quarantine pen has quails, and.....I'll risk it.


Anyone else love the happy sounds the hens make when you go in the coop at dark?  


And...I hope for pics of Camp Day at Ralphies!  

Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
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I have reading material during my coffee. 37 posts just the right amount.........


Next  Peking Duck thread take that!!!  House ducks I think you are in our rearview mirror now!

Originally Posted by The BlanchRanch View Post

Send it to your computer. Then upload them. Screw the app. Also. Deleting and reloading the app could fix the problem.

I have never been able to do anything but read and make a simple post on my iPhone Kloppers.  I do not like the app. Once it opens I can do more in Safari.  But I would assume I could not post a picture from my IPhone, BECAUSE  I am the KING of Rednecks!


I thought I had to send pictures to my laptop before I could upload them. Is there a different way?

Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
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I'm up! decided to sleep in a little on my day off. It is super grey out here. Boo!

Time to feed kittens and release the chickens. Then make coffee and hit the road for the next town over. My chainsaw is broke so it needs some warranty service
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Originally Posted by Cluckies View Post

Get rid of that worthless iphone, come over to the dark side. somad.gif hahaha....

Yes, thank you @Bogtown those photos are wonderful. Especially the one with the no trespassing, no thru traffic sign. You rebel you! yesss.gif


Whenever I get a new phone I think about going to the other side, but I end up getting another IPhone.   I got the ^plus a few weeks ago, by far the best IPhone I have ever had. A tad inconvenient to carry at time, but then I just don't carry it.  I am not attached to my phone and I never listen to messages.  Mainly I do not listen to messages because I cannot remember my PW to retrieve them.


Blanchranch.    27 hours until the camp bus arrives and my babies start loading.  I will be feeding them very little this evening. Just enough to get them inside. Hopefully the crops will be empty tomorrow.  Your main job will be making sure no one gets overly excited and goes for Bert Junior or Bertha's head.



Originally Posted by aussiegal318 View Post

Ralphie got anything going on Sunday, or is that camp day? That is the one day they have given DH off. Saturday looks to be an early treatment so we should be home by around noon. Would really love to get the swap done otherwise it's going to be after 6 some night. Let me know.


BC LOVE the picts.


Sorry to hear about your girl Coffee. Jail for the SLW & if she doesn't shape up send her packing. There are plenty of nice girls out there.


KlopKlop I've had the same problem with my iPhone. I left Android because it never worked & I wasted too much time trying to make it work. Besides, I can go on my mother's iTunes acct & fix stuff for here remotely. It's amazing the trouble she gets herself in with electronics, & I'm not electronic geek.



I will do when works best for you. Sunday afternoon is fine.  I will bring him to you, you're time is way more important than mine right now. Besides my MIL will be here and any excuse to leave is welcomed.      


I have the same problem with my Mother and her putor or phone. I even put her on my account so I could "fix" her problems easier.  She has many. The other day she wanted to update her Garmin GPS. I was busy and had a ton of things to do, it was the day I was trying to get the heat going in the new addition.  She made me stop and "answer" her question about 5 times.


Then she came over crying because she could not get it to update.  I asked her if she needed it right now. She said she did because  she was going to Florida in a couple weeks. She assured me it could not wait!    She said it starts and just stops. Patience is not a trait she possesses.   Then she told me she had been on the phone with the "people" on the help line from Garmen for over an hour.  I bet that poor tech had the worst day at work all year.  If she does not think I am helping her fast enough or she thinks t am doing it wrong she calls tech support.   I am sure tech support people nationwide have a bounty on her.


I finally gave up my project had her bring her  GPS over and hooked it up to my laptop to DL her new maps. Heaven knows you could never find your way to Florida on the same roads you have been driving for the last 20 years without new maps on the GPS!


When I got it downloading, I told her to come back in a couple hours and it would be done. She came back every 20 minutes for the next 3 hours, forcing me to drop what I was doing to check on her GPS.  Every time I did, she would say " SEE that's what it was doing at my house, just sitting there and not doing anything"  I had to point out it was downloading and would just take time.  She never did believe me, even when it was updated I think she thinks I lied to her  and it never updated.    I know my kids think the same way with me when I try to get them to explain the techie things I don't get.




Kloppers I love the kitten pictures.  I miss not having a cat, but my lungs are so much better without them around.

Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
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