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Aw so many house quail :D

I agree with Robecki, sand is great :) I used a mixture of sand and shell grit for a long time. The pine shavings isn't ideal because they eat it and it can clog them up a bit.

They don't really nest like flying birds, but will lay in a soft comfy spot if they can. Must admit mine just lay them willy nilly. 

They're social critters, so do give her attention and love :)

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Picture please :D

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Do you keep them in your home and do you let them run around in your house? Does the sand get all over your home? Thanks!
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Here is my Lucky!
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I miss my little girl. We used to do that.

And to answer your question yes. To a certain extent. I kept Quincy on shell grit. Dry, big enough to not be sand, although some of it was.... but I didn't stress about her digestion or calcium.

You look like great buddies :)

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I used to take her with me everywhere. The downside of the house roaming in ours and friends houses is she picked up a map pin at some point and that was her slow end. Took 3 vets and 2 months to figure it out :( I miss her so much.

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Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry you loss her. It is so hard when we lose 1 of our babies. Right now we have the woodstove pellet in her cage, but I'll check out the grit. The picture of you quail on your puppy is so cute! My 4 legged babies are afraid of her. Lol. I hope they get over it, because Lucky tries to snuggle up with them all the time when they are sleeping. My girl puppy will clean Lucky all the time and will play with her, but that is as far as she'll go. Did you feed your baby any "people" food? We give her a few pieces of plain rice when we have it for dinner, but what about fruit and veggies? We did get her dried mealworms, because they do eat bugs in nature and she loves them! How did you take your little when out with you? We are so afraid to lose her. Won't she try to get away? Thank you for sharing all your knowledge on pet quails with us!
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No human food. I was hoping to have her live a long and healthy life with us. We did feed her fruit and veggies though. She loved celery, apple and anything sweet as a treat :) Kale, spinach and especially CORN :) 

I had a chihuahua carrier she could be in safely and she came when called. That's what the meal worms were reserved for. 'Training'. She didn't really stray from us though and we only brough ther to friends houses who didn't have other pets. Are they wild were you live?

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I live in Washington state and they are around, but I'm not sure how many different species. As far as the veggies did you have to mince them up? We actually brake the mealworms apart for her. Not sure if she's just spoiled or she really doesn't like the size of them. Lol. We are planning on bringing her up to Seattle for Thanksgiving and we were trying to figure out what to put her in. I'll check out the cage you talked about.
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Warming by the fire.
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