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What about some things for baby chicks?
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If you want a sure thing to entertain baby chicks, give them a little tub of sand to dirt bathe in. It also doubles as grit in case you want to start giving them things to nibble on such as meal worms, lettuce leaves, or melon slices.

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This is a much better idea than one I had read previously. Someone had the idea to get one of those lemon juice bottles (yellow and shaped like a lemon) and put meal worms in it. The chickens peck it until the meal worms fall out. I tried it and it was great fun until...they started pecking the plastic eggs (kept in the nest boxes)- and real ones too- to see what came out of them! A very bad habit. I've lost several eggs to date. I'm not sure which smarty-hen is doing the deed yet. Just an FYI. Chickens are pretty smart for bird-brains.

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