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Lari Asil

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Lari Asil is the largest breed of Asil species. It's homeland is Persia (Iran & Afghanistan). The rooster can get as tall as 32-36 inches and weigh 10-12 Labs. They are very aggressive birds and in their original country they are used as fighting roosters as well as meat birds. Their ancestors go back to Malay breed, but over hundreds of years of selective breeding they have evolved to what they are today.
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Do u have any for sale ?
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that would explain why the asil is so popular here among the beduins; like teh saluki and salughi dog , they probably moved through the middle east because of the nomads, and the beduin always like regal looking animals that are a bit wild, a bit fierce... here, mostly it is men from north african -yemen, morrocco, persia, etc,  or arab country origin that are interested in these breeds... and now with the thai migrant workers, new blood has been introduced here.

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I don't know if I should be impressed or offended by your comments. Yeh, we are beduins who are currently working as doctors and engineers and as leaders in our communities in US.

But, I am going to chose not to be offended and be more impressed by your interesting theory. How do you explain Chihuahuas  being so popular in US?


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Originally Posted by Lari View Post
How do you explain Chihuahuas  being so popular in US?


lol good question. I have no clue why they would be popular anywhere. People who dont mind being pee'd on? Maybe that is genetic?

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