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Originally Posted by noladq View Post

Your coop is great!


I gave one of the boys away - it was too much for the 12 girls.  The remaining roo is a great guy.  He's challenged me a few times. We have it out, then we go back to well-behaved.


They're doing fine this winter, but I've picked breeds that are cold tolerant and they get a heat lamp in the coop.


Speaking of which, it's time to redesign the coop.  It's going to become part of a larger shed/coop/greenhouse building.  Probably next year or the year after due to $.


I've got about 4-5 girls which need to go on to the next realm...  Seriously, I want to get chicks this spring, but am at capacity.  I could add more, but I love for them (and me) to have space.


We also have new neighbors - have to be sure their dogs are going to stay in the yard before mine get to free range again.


That's all the chicken-y news from West Berthoud!

I built the majority of the coop out of pallet wood. The most expensive supplies were paint and chicken wire.

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@Dnetschke: Fantastic job on the coop! You have been so generous in your posting. Thank you. I live in Berthoud, too, and I am something of a newcomer here - and to chickens as well. When I moved here 2 years ago, 3 old chickens came with the place, and they were the ONLY live things to welcome me when I returned home everyday. Chickens have got to be one of life's greatest blessings. So of course I got more. Today I have a group of 20 or so mixed layers: barred rocks, RIRs, and Austrolorps. I have a good start (I think) of Speckled and Light Sussex SQ breeders, a few nice Roos, and some surprisingly productive Silkies. My layer flock is housed a little distance away from the house and free range from an old 8x10 shed type coop. They are a happy group supervised by a lone RIR rooster who is a PERFECT gentleman. I put up a few very cheap hoop structures to give my breeders some additional protection from the elements this winter; they've held up well and are appreciated by the birds. Will make some larger ones this summer. Chickens are an ongoing process, aren't they. Blessings through and through. My breeders started laying again in January, and I put a bunch in an incubator. Only 3 made it to lockdown, and only one hatched of the three. (I think they got too cold before I collected them). So I just picked up a black sex link at Jax today to keep the single baby company. (Turns out she didn't want company, though, and they are fighting). Have more in the Bator and am almost done with a new and improved Bator. I would like to go to a swap meet one of these days. Will post some pics if anyone is interested. And I will stay in touch. Thank you again for your posts. Laurie in Berthoud
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If you are still around, come check out the Colorado thread..
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Originally Posted by Dnetschke View Post

Lots of cruisers and viewers,but no one stops and posts.....idunno.gif
i STILL love your coop (and brooder)! It has been two years and change seems to be happening faster and faster. How is your chicken enterprise going? Did you get your Mom's coop built. It is sure cold here today, isn't it?

I got a post this morning that I suspect was meant for you. It was from a subscriber (COChix) to the Colorado thread in "where are you where am I," and it was an invitation to come check them out. I personally subscribe to this thread and I like it a lot. Several people in the Loveland Berthoud area post regularly, and the thread is very active. Many helpful and like-minded folks. One subscriber, uzisuzuki, keeps chickens in east Berthoud, and she has one or two Sebrights, as well as some other small breeds. (Also some peafowl). If you haven't checked these guys out, you should. I second COCHix's invitation. Myself? Am working on a new, Prototype #5, model of Incubator for next Spring's hatch.😁. Blessings
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