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I have used the bx kind before this box is just 8''x5.5''x5'' so pretty small. I will not fire it up till may or so..

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Yes I know but I am have eggs to hatch in a few days so I don't even have a brooder ready yet or made I would like to get a plastic tote to use as one but I don't know
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I like my plastic tote but it holds about 25 chicks for about two weeks then they go to the brooder in the chicken coop.

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Well that's were it will go but I need it to be draft free and have he heat lamp on
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I found that waiting for chicks to hatch can drive a person mad! Especially with a new incubator.
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Yes my first hatch I had kept the baby's in an old Guinea pig cage that is to small for them so I thought I would use that and about the first 3 days they just chirped and chirped I thought I was loosing my mine no matter where I went I could still hear them chirping
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babies chirp for 3 reasons: hunger, cold or thirst.

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Well they had food and water 24/7 and they had a heat lamp on with a piece of cardboard so they can get out of the heat
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Came out this morning 2 March 2016 :jumpy






Sweet day two came out so surprising :jumpy:jumpy






I had to wait a whole hour for this healthy chick to show its color :jumpy




The chicks that hatched today are Russian Orloff and the other eggs are French Mottled Houdan's, and a few Easter egger eggs just to fill up the incubator as the more eggs in the incubator the better hatch rate .




I know some of the eggs have sand on them but I found that if I was it off the hatch rate goes down so I just try to flick off the sand and leave the hard stuff on the egg and to my amassment the eggs hatch and I healthy chick comes out so don't ever wash the eggs as I found out it will lower your chances of a good hatch rate .  





I had a ruff day as I dad to order a egg turner as the last one had a brake where the turner motor goes and I was so set back as I only purchased this incubator in 1997 from G.Q.F. and I have only hatched several thousand eggs from Quail, Pheasant, Goose, Duck, parakeet, Guinea and even chicken and several other kinds of eggs that slip my mind ..


The big surprise is the eggs are still hatching after more then four days of having the turner not working so to the wonders of Mother Nature and all her wonders as the out side temp was 85F degrees so I have to have a floor fan blowing in the room with the incubator just to keep a steady temp in the incubator so I am able to keep the temp from 99.1 to 100 F degrees and the humidity from 13 to 25 but I am also only getting a 80% hatch rate also so I think it is time to start thinking about looking into getting a new incubator . 



















gander007 :old

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I would like to hatch some marans. How do we candle dark eggs?
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