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I'll be sure to announce if/when I have some ready to share!

On a side note, looks like you are just down the road from me.  Hi neighbor!

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Oh no joke, we're just a few zip codes away! Well neighbor, I'll take a dozen eggs In lieu of borrowing a cup of sugar hahaaa!
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Lol, once I have them rolling I'll be sure to share.
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I may be ordering in the near future if you have any offspring...when are you hoping to breed? You should start a quail business with bearded quail, you can probably sell mini beard grooming accessories just for quail! Lol I'm imagining tiny scissors and beard wax here...
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Well, I certainly hope tobe selling some. How soon depends on how many generations it takes me to cement that gene. Here's to hoping I get bearded offspring this winter!
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I had a white quail with a beard tuft!

I just processed him the weekend gone, he was super aggressive and noisy so I didn't want to breed from him.


If I'd known it was something people were interested in I'd have been more likely to keep him.


This is the only pic I can find right now, typically covered in poop XD


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