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I would love to have chickens! We have to get support from our city council to change the laws.
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Im pretty good at legal stuff smile.png so lets get as many supporters as possible. It isnt illegal in our county so why can work it out.
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what part of akron are you from

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I'm in Kenmore
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Me too
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If anyone is still on here...I'm interested in having a couple of chickens. I live on the western edge of Akron, in the Copley swamp, almost Copley. I don't think our yard goes back 100 feet, but I think that rule is a bit ridiculous. It's probably meant to discourage chickens in the city, but I saw a back yard in the middle of Akron the other day, with no less than a dozen and their yard was no where near 100 ft. away. They had a coop with an enclosure on top of the pen to keep out the cats. Has Akron, by any chance, changed the rules recently?

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There must be some way to check on the latest ordinances concerning chickens.  I'd sure expect the majority of Akron to plenty ok with chickens in the yard.  Not like most of Akron is downtown or something.


I'm north near CVNP and there is no problem with chickens here fortunately.


Anyone else from the area doing the chicken thing?

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I only know about this, found at this website....

I'm trying to find out more. I only want a couple of chickens and I'm still trying to educate myself...:)

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Anyone know of any chicken sitters in the area or, if not, what do you do if you need to go away a few days?



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I found this group, Akron Chickens!, on facebook and tried to join. Nobody there right now...This would definitely be a great thing if I could wake the chickens up! I'll keep trying. Maybe you'd like to join, too, and see if they come back....

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