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Anyone in Frankfort, KY wanting backyard chickens?

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I moved here on 2 acres in the county and found out (after buying and moving) that I am not allowed to have backyard chickens. The zoning ordinance folks sent me the article that shows

4.05 NOTED SPECIAL CONDITIONS :1. Garden crop, but no sales structures. 2. Livestock or poultry only on lots over five (5) acres."


He also followed up with this after I questions some things.


"Unfortunately, our zoning does not allow any livestock on lots in the RB

district. In the RR district the zoning only allows livestock on lots 5
acres or larger. At this time backyard chickens (right or wrong) are
considered the same as a full fledged farm. In terms of what animals would
qualify as pets vs. livestock, our zoning ordinance does not define "pets"
or "livestock" per se, so I am forced to make a judgement call about what
animals are pets vs. livestock. I have typically considered chickens
livestock. In dealing with cases of poultry in places it should (or
shouldn't be) my office mostly operates on a complaint basis focusing
enforcement resources on cases we have received complaints about or that
have become a problem for neighbors."

With that said, I am thinking of getting some anyway and seeing what happens. I have already had a few neighbors say they wouldn't care, but there are some I am not sure of. I would really LOVE to get the laws changed and we did have a city commissioner who tried this and was basically laughed at. I called my magistrate and ran it by her as well and she didn't think it was something that would pass. I would love to connect with some others in the area who are wanting to homestead and are trying to work on getting some if these ridiculous laws changed.
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I'm interested!  Any others?

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You may want to check again because I saw some kind of an announcement saying its now "legal"

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YES! I have worked for the past year with the zoning and fiscal court folks and we finally got a small approval for Franklin County  residents only (at this time). This is what is currently legal. With the caveat , if you have them for 6 months with no complaints, you can petition to be allowed to have more (not sure what they would consider as a max). The numbers are LOW, but it is a start.



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Well... we moved here in January from Lexington and they allowed up to 6 hens on residential property, just neighbors were generally snobby... I just thought most other towns were the same or didn't care 'cause well.. if a large city allowed it then what kind of problem would these little towns have?

Thanks for working with them! I'm at my limit, then, with my Indian Runner duck and Embden Goose. My friendly neighbor next door is above though... but we live in a little trailer park off the side of a highway and farmland beside us and across the street(her family inhabits some land up the road and keeps horses, chickens, etc on their small farmland).

Hoping one day to have some chickens!
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There were never any chickens "legally" allowed in Franklin county on less than 5 acres until just recently. That being said, Ducks and Geese are not allowed "legally" on less than 5 acres even now. The only thing passed was for non-crowing chickens. But they do work on a complaint basis, so if no one complains then no one is going to bug you about it.

You are correct that Louisville and Lexington (large cities) are ok with it, but many rural areas are not. Doesn't make much sense. I say keep the pressure on Franklin county and Frankfort city to keep allowing and loosen the rules. Frankfort city still does not allow them.

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This is awesome because I live in Franklin county not in Frankfort but I had no idea that chickens would be an issue. That makes me laugh. I got chickens without even thinking it would be an issue. I am so glad they are now legal. Animal control got called to my house not long ago because my neighbor told them I have pure wolves. Thankfully I don't or they would have been confiscated. However I do have wolfdogs. And I can't believe that chickens wouldn't be allowed yet other bigger animals that could do far more damage than chickens JMO.
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