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Every time i would come close to her, she would run away. But all my chickens run to me or are always around me. I guess because their use to be. I'm not for sure. I mean i had like a couple hens try to run out with me of the pen, it was kind of funny!

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I have a flock of ten 9-month old chickens - 3 golden buffs, 3 silver-laced wyandottes and 3 speckled sussex.  Now that they are laying, I have one chicken (Audrey) who sleeps in the chicken coop (well, she used to) and the other girls sleep in the chicken run up near the roof in the rafters.  Well about a month ago, Audrey would find a way over the fence in our neighborhood and she would pace up and down and after work I would find her and put her back.  All the ladies accepted Audrey -- she is the biggest speckled sussex; but now, she leaves the yard and doesn't come back.  Right before Easter someone must have chucked her back in our yard because she hung out with us and ate, etc. for about a day, and then when it was time to close up the run, I noticed she was gone again.  I think if someone is kind enough (and she doesn't get eaten), I will have to clip her wings.  I'm sure no matter how big your flock is, there is always a loner amongst them.  She just prefers not to be with us (even though I spoil my chickens rotten!!).  I still don't understand how she can pass up all the great food just to live on her own.  I also think chickens are like cats and if they really don't want to be in your family, they'll move on.

Patti-Charleston, SC

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