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Ravenna Ohio - I need help

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Does anyone live in the Portage County, Ohio (Ravenna) area?  I really want to raise chickens for eggs, and found out there is an ordinance prohibiting chickens. 


Thanks in advance,


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Did you have any luck with this? We are buying a home and told chickens were ok at this home and its in Ravenna?!
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You should be able to call them or maybe you can get those links to work. If it's in a very obvious agriculture area (commercial farmers near by or neighbors have cows goats etc) then I'd just say yes you can have chickens. You may want to call and make sure though because sometimes under a certain acreage they will not allow chickens or they can't be housed within a certain distance of other homes.
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Check to see if your potential home is actually in the City Limits or in a surrounding township.


Hope this helps.

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I am looking for other home owners who live within Ravenna City limits (not the township) and would like to pursue legalizing chickens.  Feel free to respond here or PM me.

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Hi, I live in Streetsboro, grew up in Ca. and moved here about a year ago and purchased a home, only later to find out that chickens are not allowed! I have done some research and found a site about a group of people trying to legalize chickens in Kent, but nothing up this way. I would love to get together with a local group of like minded chicken loving individuals and talk options. Please let me know if anyone is interested. 

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