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Incubating Chinese Painted Quail Help Please

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Hi everyone!  This is my first post in these forums although I read them often. 


I'm looking for some advice, because I'm really confused with the information I've been reading.


This is my first try at incubating and hatching some Chinese Painted Quail.  I'm on day 14 of incubating and have have a few eggs that have been moving slightly for a few days. 


However, I thought they would have pipped by now - but nothing. 


I've been told they pip on day 12 and hatch on day 16.  Is this right?


Any pointers most gratefully appreciated!



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average is 16-18 days but it can take as long as 21 days it depends on the temp and humidity. and also handling before incubation began.

just be sure to keep the humidity up to 55-65% one easy ways is to use wet sponges, I place them under the ventilation hole so I can re-wet them with a turkey baster tube, through the hole, then the humidity wont drop to refill water. also know that you can remove the chicks AFTER they dry you do not need to wait 4 hours or even one hour if they dry get them into the brooder asap these little guys are hard to catch and if you have several in the bator at once they can and will jump out of it! so be quick and careful. They also will need the food on the floor of the brooder as well as in a dish, you can tap on the dishes to get them to explorer and find the food and water, they are inquisitive little guys, and a lid of water with marbles or small stones so they cannot fall into the water and drown or just get wet and catch a chill. have fun and this is such a marvel to watch

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Thanks GrandmaBird. 


Should I keep turning until they pip or should I stop now since I've only maybe 2 days to go?


I don't have a humidity gauge yet.  My incubator is a Brinsea Mini.  It has a pot for water in the middle with a divider in the center.  It suggests filling one half until just before hatching then filling the other half with water also to increase the humidity.  Should I do this now?

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You should stop 3 days before button quail usually it's 13-16 not 15-18 (that's for coturnix). Still they can go until 21 days anyway. 

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Stop turning now you should stop on day 13 and yes increase your humidity now as well. good luck and keep us posted!

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

Day 17 today. This morning I was thinking the eggs were all duds but lo an behold, when I came home from work I'd 3 chicks in the incubator!! WOO HOO!!! smile.png

Another 2 have pipped so fingers crossed.

Delighted isn't the word. big_smile.png
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clap.gif nice!

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So u don't turn 13 or do ??? That's what's confusing me
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Hi, I am new to BYC and I have the same questions. I purchased 30 button quail eggs. On Sunday 7 hatched, Monday 5 hatched, Tuesday 2 hatched, that was day 18. Today is day 19 and no eggs have hatched. Should I leave the remaining eggs in the bator???
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Diezel - I've done a couple of batches now and stopped turning on day 13.  I got a good hatch rate so I'm happy.


Puttindownroots - All my eggs hatched within 24 hours so I would expect you're probably all done but I'm no expert.

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