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Just to mention one other thing...  If you live in an area that gets snow then electric lines down in the snow essentially creates a short and the lines useless.  We got 2' high snow drifts several times this year and especially at the fence lines.   We have only used a single strand up high on fences to keep livestock from leaning on the fence to eat.



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I have an electric fence that pulses put up around my chicken run and installed on a metal cyclon fence. It has been there for several years and never kill one of my chickens. They are unhappy when the touch it, but it seems to do no real harm. They aren't nocked out either.

I did one day find a small wild bird dead next to the fence and I can't say the electric wire didn't kill it, but since it has only happen once, I'm a bit skeptical.

But, a thought...the converter boxes are rated for a certain length of wire. So a different box would be used to go around a small home property than a ranchers pasture. Install an electric fence on a much shorter wire than it was intended for might well cause a shock with higher amperage than it is meant to deliver...🐓
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