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Rooster Attacks!!!!!

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For some reason my rooster has started attacking me when I go into the pen. Why is he getting so mean......I don't want to get rid of him because I want to raise baby chicks..............HELP

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he is seeing you as a threat to his hens...

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so what do I do about it............

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well you should try to make your self one of two things: a non-threat to the rooster so he trust you. OR you domonate the rooster into subbmission an he will not "challenge you"

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I have a rooster that was mellow and sweet for 4 months of living with us till we got him 2 hens one month ago. They have a coop but they roam the yard all day. He thinks the yard is his now...


I've been told on this forum to show him I'm in charge by picking him up and holding him at the him like a football, face under my arm. This works, it does calm him down temporarily.

Also, if he's on the ground, to try lowering his neck to his body level until he leaves it there. Those are 2 ways to subdue him. But mind does bite me in this process, luckily it's just a pinch because he's a bantam.


We try being super sweet and feed them from our hands, move slowly too but the girls are cautious of us and the hormones in a new rooster breeding are making him defensive.


Nothing is working yet so keep me posted if you figure out how to calm yours!


Only thing that worked so far is to bring him inside the house, away from the hens and then the rooster was completely calm. Very weird.

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of course!!! he's doing his job. its not just to make babies. its to protect his harem. what u did was take a young boy, give him a well built and sexy girlfreind and then said here, go out in the  world with her. of course he will feel all protective and jealous. all male animals and i mean ALL male anaimals are the same. the protective instinct, the male hormones get workig the minute u have a female around. watch a dog, when a ***** in the area comes in to heat. suddenly the most mellow old male will beocme all dominant and more  bold and 'doggy' acting. watch a stallion that is on his own and watch when he has a harem.

people amaze me whent htey think that a male animal will stay cute. males are NEVER cute. they are male. if they were wimpy and cute they wouldnt be breeding material cause they wouldnt survive the fighting over the females, nor would the females want him. (heterosexuality doesnt work in barn animals. hens and mares and female dogs and queen cats dont want sweet funny sensitive males. they want 'DUDES' . even if it isnt what we want (really now?)


you can have nicer tempered roosters but a meek rooster is not a rooster u want to breed to your hens.

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How old is he? Around a year old, roosters go into the "teenage boy" phase. He needs to know that YOU are at the top of the pecking order, not him. I have a "rooster stick" I used to use on my aggressive RIR rooster. He finally had to go. He got horrible. But, when he would come at me, I would pop him with the stick..just hard enought that he got the point.. not hard enought to actually cause damage. Also, don't ever walk around your roo.. if you walk into the coop and he is in your way, MAKE HIM MOVE! By doing that, you are showing him that you are the dominant one. Not him. Do not ever let him breed a hen infront of you. When he does this, he is trying to show his dominance. Knock him off of her.

Like I said, my RIR rooster finally had to go. He got so mean that my inside dog couldnt even go outside.. he would spot her across the yard (6 acres) and take off in a full sprint just to attack her.

I have a Wyandotte rooster that is wonderful...he has NEVER tried to attack me or even looked at me cross ways. He does what a rooster should.. he protects his girls. He isn't aggressive toward them either.

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i have a lot of roosters mine have gotten aggressive but i am in charge and my roosters know it .. my mom gets bit when she trys to go into the pens where the hens stay the roo trys to bite her but when i go in he just looks away because when he was a little younger i always gave him the treats first he would even come up on my lap to sit there and eat treats and i used to carry him around because he liked me holding him but holding other rooster like the way some of u said does not always work some can get more aggressive because u hold them more he gets less scared of u and thats a bad thing then they wont be afraid to attack .. what i do if they try anything i just push them away with my boot or if one trys to bite my i just tap them on the head then hes just like what was that then leaves lol but there are some more aggressive types of rooster im lucky i didn't get bad roosters .. my friend axoa on here uses a broom i think she said just to keep pushing him around and keep doing that when u go out to show that u are the boss 

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brooms are great. i had a gander goose that used to try to get the upper hand with me, chased me around and around our small zoo pond one year, til i learned to use a broom...

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I use an axe to deal with aggressive roosters, off with their head!  There are plainly too many good roosters around to deal with one who is aggressive towards people.  I will deal with them being aggressive towards our dogs to a degree, the dogs shouldn't be messing with the birds in the first place, but if it gets to where the roo thinks it owns the whole property and attacks the dogs just for being in the yard and a few good whacks with a stick doesn't cure it, then off with their head!

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