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Hen with droopy tail, now yawning

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Two days ago I noticed one of my hens was not quite herself. I had hoped to catch her when she went to lay in the nest but she has not done so, so I finally had to chase and net her. I noticed she was yawning repeatedly this morning. I do not see any worms or foreign bodies in her mouth. Her crop seems somewhat enlarged but not especially remarkable otherwise - no hardness or liquidy feeling. I gave her a warm bath and have her wrapped up in a dark, warm spot now. I am not sure what my first step should be - lubricate in case of foreign object in the crop/impaction or treat with antibiotics if it's sour crop without a foreign body? Should I offer food?

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just reading this now - what happened?

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I kept her in the hospital crate for a few days with some ornacycline in her water and she is much better. I was able to hear a slightly click when she breathed so I suspect a URI that has since resolved and she is laying and back to normal now. :)

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oh good

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