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What I do for mites & fleas is clean the coop out & nest boxes, then spray the whole coop & nest boxes with maldison 50. Then I dip their legs in cooking oil or olive oil once a day for 2 or 3 days. That smothers the mites hiding in the scales on their legs & softens the legs & gets rid of scaly legs. The spray will kill any mites that hatch. Then do it again with in ten or so days & the problem should be solved.


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Anyone use frontline plus? Is there a withdrawal period?

I have been battling mites with white food grade de ....Devin dust...garlic in the water..poultry dust...I alternate products.
IV read about frontline plus...was wondering if anyone used it
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People do use it, but it's not approved for any food animals at all, and I wouldn't do it.  Ivermectin works great, is easy to apply, and while it's not approved for use in chickens, is used in many food species, and humans, and is very safe.  Frontline lingers for a long time so no known withdrawal period.  Mary

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Has anyone found a way to get Poultry Sheild in the states?  I'm thinking of getting a friend to send it to me from the UK!  
I just don't see a real solution...i'm not going to dust my chickens...they dust in ash and seem to be ok for now, but the mites

are getting on me when I go in and out of the coop.  I have to dose this coop...


my other issue is I have the entire coop wrapped in felt with cedar board on top of they can hide under the felt forever.

I'm coming unglued.  

My current plan:

  1. Add Red Stop Solution to their water to starve out of the mites
  2. get a friend to send me Poultry Sheild from the UK
  3. clean out the coop, burn the bedding
  4. lay down DE and Nesting Box Blend (find a cheaper solution to nesting box blend?)
  5. make an essential oil spray I will use on the coop every day 
  6. grow more fragrant herbs that are contained in the Nesting Box Blend to hang fresh in the coop
  7. maybe try sevin spray
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Does anyone know how often and for how long you have to use Ivermectin for it to work on mites?


My three bantams have lately been dealing with what I think is depluming mite and scaly leg/face mite, and I've already given three separate doses of Ivermectin Pour On for Cattle 5mg, 5 days apart, 3 drops per bird, and they are still pulling out their feathers and losing them around their heads and necks. They are almost completely bald. :/


Any advice? I don't want to overdose them with ivermectin. 

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Have you cleaned out the coop bedding and dusted or sprayed the coop?   Are you actually seeing mites?  Mary

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We sprayed down the coop with permectrin II about a month ago a few times when we were dealing with northern fowl mite. Now I think they have depluming mite and scaly leg/face mites, as you cannot really see the tiny things, just their dirt left on the feather shafts, the white crusty scales around the face and feet, and the chickens are losing feathers.

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Have anyone else had good results with garlic powder in the feed to combat mites?
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I used to see wormy flea-ridden puppies and dogs who were fed garlic as a wormer and to repel fleas.  Not successful at all!  Mary

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Originally Posted by egg0 View Post

Have anyone else had good results with garlic powder in the feed to combat mites?

forget garlic! as a preventative: maybe - but once they are present, garlic is a waste of precious time!

i use "revolution" for many reasons - which comes as a topical solution for cats & dogs. if anyone is interested, i can post the dosage for chickens.
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