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Yeah, I noticed a poop ball on the foot as well. You need to add some bedding or some sort of litter to the floor. It keeps them out of the poop and keeps bacteria at bay and keeps the ground drier. There is nothing wrong with keeping quail on the ground, I have always kept mine on a litter floor, but you have to keep it clean. If you use some sort of bedding, you can get away with cleaning less often. With no bedding, you are asking for a lot of bacteria growth and wet conditions.


When was the last time you wormed your quail? Quail kept on the ground need to be wormed once if not twice a year. It is possible this one contracted some sort of bacterial thing as well. 

They're currently not on ground. the coop i put on a set of bricks and put some wood covered with wood shavings under the run. these shavings seem to be alright. however inside the coop floor where i put shavings they have turned it into a bed of solid ground. I dont know if this is because of the food or their droppings. As for worming I have never wormed them(got them two months ago). Dont know their history

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I had my little quail die mysteriously this morning. Was looking for clues if there was something I missed. she had clean water and plenty of omega layer pellets. She's been acting normal but stopped laying a few days ago. No lethargy, weird discharges, or breathing anything. I checked her belly and it seemed fine. I thought maybe she was going to moot since she never has for us and She's been here about a year. She's been active and happy. She got held and we all told her hi last night. So darn strange. I have no idea how old she was however as I got her from someone I know and she was already matured. Could have been age. It just stinks. We all (our family...EVEN the husband) really liked her. hmm.png
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