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Chicken boogers?

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I have a modern game hen that I got at the county fair year before last...she was an adult, but I don't know how old.


Anyway, lately she has developed hard "boogers." They are crusty and look like corn cob bedding protruding from her nostrils.  We don't use corn cob bedding, so it isn't just a kernel stuck in there. She lets me pull the boogers out and the part that comes out of the nostril is yellow cheesy looking stuff. It all comes out together. Her nostrils get completely clogged, but she is breathing through her mouth. She is a bit stand-offish, so it is hard to catch her to clear her nose. She doesn't sneeze. She eats and drinks normally. I started noticing the boogers about 10 weeks ago.


Should I be alarmed? What could be wrong?

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Open her mouth and inspect the roof of her mouth, back of the throat for any yellow cheesy looking material. If you dont see any, it might be localized to her nostrils. I recommend a warm saline flush into each of her nostrils to clear them out.

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It is localized. Do I really need to worry about it?
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