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Chickens in Yukon, OK?

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We ate wanting to have a few hens in our backyard in Yukon, OK. We are wanting to know before we purchase everything if this is even legal? I did read some laws about it and they seemed like it'd be ok. Anyone out there "with" chickens in Yukon??? Thoughts???
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I came a cross one person on here from the yukon when I was looking up information on cold weather coops and hardy breeds. I don't know what kind of bylaws are in place up there though. Google?
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This thread is a little old but... I live in Yukon, Oklahoma to and I remember asking this same question! I have even messages city counsel to make sure. But the answers I got were they are legal! smile.png I know have chickens and if I have any problems I will fight them.. I've spent thousands of dollars getting my coop and things. Just today after 22 years they made a new animal law here about not feeding feral cats!! I'm prepared for the battle... wink.png
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