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GroGel for Chicks?

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    A lot of websites suggest GroGel for baby chicks and I was wondering if anyone had details or advice about giving it to chicks?


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I gave it to my new chicks that I picked up from the feed store(wyandottes) and the just pecked at it a little.  It's only good for 6 hours after mixing it with water.  I only gave it to it them that one time, so don't know it it helped or not.

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 oh you got Wyandottes, I have some coming in the mail what can you tell me about your opinion on them?

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Only what I have read...that they are good layers, cold hardy and pretty docile.  But they sure are cute!  About a week and a half old and just starting to get tail feathers - mixed with down they are a hoot.

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   I know that's what attracted me to them! they sound great. But I want to know what books can't tell me, stories from other chicken owners experience, So, I can raise them the best way I can! wee.gifjumpy.gif

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