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4 week old duck having seizures

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Well about 3 says ago one of our ducklings started having seizures, she seems to do ok when we hold her through her episodes and after she stays calm with her duck mate. I don't know what could have started these and what I can do to help her. Does anyone have any ideas or know of anything that could help? This is one if my favorite ducks and one I specifically picked out. Our animals here aren't just animals but family. Please help!
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My 4 week old duckling had a seizure last night, too.  I read on one of the threads that it could be neurological, or a version of hepatitis caught from Mallards.  I am giving this all down the grape vine and am not an expert at all, just searching cause of my own duck.  My concern is she did it while she was playing in the water, and since she is still a baby I was supervising, but she still seemed to suck in a lot of water since she was sort of flopping and pushing herself around.  Her neck arched backward and she couldn't stand up or stop moving.  Pretty darn scary.

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My 7 week old duckling (also my favorite and a family member) started having seizures a week ago today. I have taken him to two different vets (one non-avian vet and the other an avian vet), he's taken antibiotics, a liver medication (lactulose), and diazepam (oral and injection). He had stayed pretty stable for a while, but this morning he began seizing uncontrollably. Even the injection did not help. He is currently on his way to some specialists. If I learn of anything that may help, I will let you know. Best of luck for you and your ducky. I know how hard it is.

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I currently think mine is a duck version of fainting goat.  She (?) only seems to have these seizures when she is completely upset or startled.  I walk into the bathroom suddenly when she is playing in the shallow water, and she has a seizure.  I pick her up to move her so I can clean their enclosure, she has a seizure.  I start the car and open the garage door...... no seizure.  I guess it's just me!  The other duck is fine, he (?) barely gets upset when I get close or pick him up.  


I could be completely wrong, and time will tell if the seizures get worse.  

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