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For Sale: Ornamental Pheasant Hatching Eggs

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For Sale:
Ornamental Pheasant Hatching Eggs

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Ornamental Pheasant Hatching Eggs


IMG_04371.jpg 6- Red Golden- $ 35.00 + shipping
6- Reeves Hatching Eggs - $35.00 + shipping
  6- Lady Amherst Hatching Eggs-$35.00+ shipping
  6- Yellow Hatching eggs- $ 35.00 + shipping
I accept payment using paypal which allows all Credit Cards
I can fit 2 orders of eggs in 1 priority box for combined shipping Shipping is $13.35 Per Box
You can email me directly @ with any questions

This auction is for a  for six (6) OrnamentalPheasant Hatching Eggs your choice


I an place 2 sets of orders into 1 box for combined shipping


I have 3 different blood lines and I will try to send 2 from each pen so you will have different genes. Eggs will be marked from which pen they came from so you can pair them up when hatched. If my females don't produce eggs from different pens I will try to give you what I can


Last year I had about 98% hatch rate.

I will ship them out in the order they are paid. I will email you prior to shipping

**Please include your phone number so I can include this onto the shipping label and Post Office will normally call you when they are in


**I ship my eggs the way I would like to receive them and that is with LOTS OF CARE and they are packaged in foam shippers then placed into a Priority Box**

** I will only send fresh eggs**

**I can Guarantee all my birds have been wormed and I ALL MY BIRDS HAVE STRAIGHT TOES**

** To keep my birds healthy I feed them a high protein diet along with many treats with fruit, peanut, bird seeds. meal worms from my hands**

**I will only ship using Priority and to the address you have listed .**

This is my 3rd year of selling eggs.

Please understand that I cannot guarantee egg hatchability once the eggs are shipped this is because the embryos in hatching eggs can be damaged in shipment and when you bid you assume the risk of not hatching eggs. I DO TRY MY BEST TO PACKAGED THEM SO THAT THEY WILL HAVE THE BEST CHANCE.


**PLEASE NOTE- I will not mark anything on the boxes due to postal carriers tempted to shake or drop your package. If you would like your box marked let me know when you pay.

If you need any help hatching please let me know and I will help as much as I can.


I do have Birds from last years hatch. If you would like information send me a note and I can send you pictures.


Please ask any questions you have.

Thank You

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I would like to order 6 red golden and 6 yellow hatching eggs how much total ship to 5625 tyne street vancouver b.c canada.thank you.

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I don't believe we can send eggs to Canada but I will check

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I am looking for a pair of Reeves Pheasants. I would prefer adults( 8 wks or older) Please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have them or can locate them for me ..... Thank You Luanne

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Hi, I am looking for fertile eggs, reeves, eliot, yellow and golden. If you have chicks and juvenile I will appreciate it.

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Hi do you still have hatching eggs for sale this season?





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Can you ship to beirut lebanon if yes please send me a PM

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