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Chick born with wonky leg

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Hi there, I have kept chickens in the past but am no means an expert actually I know quite little, but I have recently taken in a new chick, who has a 'wonky leg' I have named him wonky...his little leg sticks forward, and he uses his elbow to balance and its got all sore. he can wiggle his toes a bit on said leg, and uses it to scratch his head. its only perhaps 4 or 5 days old if that, and to my understanding he came out of the  egg like that or hurt it while hatching ( I am no expert) but they said they will put it down, so we agreed to try and save the little chick which I have got attached to lol :( poor wonky, he is healthy otherwise, he hobbles around eats loads, cheeps and stuff. we gave him a few drops of bird vitamins too that I saw online, Please does anyone know what this is or know how I can fix it?


Thank you

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I meant to say aswell that he cant fully straighten or put any pressure on this leg, I can flex it gently but it doesn't go very far and he pulls away.

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 sorry its not great quality, its the only one I have, it can use its other leg fine it just looks weird, its the one nearest to us that is the problem.

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He has a dislocated hock/tendon. I have the same issue. There is a link in this forum of how to try and fix it by correcting the tendon. for some reason, I was unable for mine. Do it quick or it will be impossible and very painful for the chick. At this pint I have used various braces and shoes so he may have some use of his foot.

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Thank you, I think I found the post, but do u know the cut off for treatment hmm.png I'm terrifies of just making it worse or hurting it
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Have you tried yet? I couldn't manipulate mine after 24 hrs. I don't know if I could have or not before that. Earlier the better.

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I did, the joint was very sore and quite rigid , il scared I may have left it too late, I will try again today, it hates me touching the leg and pecks me and wriggles, he'd getting quite strong so will be a shame if it won't. Even though I saw that thread, I still don't exactly understand what I'm doing
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