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Need help with my Boar goat's udder

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Hi everyone I really need some help my boar goat has a bad udder im not really sure if its mastitis on one side or not, but she had triplets and only one side is giving milk. The side thats giving milk is alot smaller than the bad side, and at first the bad side was dryed up and just skin, but now it has milk in it and I really need to milk it beacuse its so large. It happened with her last kids but they were able to still get milk and the vet said it should be fine. Now a while before she had her kids this year he said it looked ok again but its gotten worse do I need to use a syringe or anything to unblock it? Although she lets her kid try to get milk out of it so it must not be hurting her as much as I think it is. I'll upload pictures in a little bit

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some sheep only have one or two working teatsif it looks like it could be infected its best to get a second opinion
could u put a photo up of it
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Ok heres a few pictures [IMG][IMG] if you guys need anymore just let me know I dony want to put her down
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does it come and go
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No its just staying like that
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well it happens is sheep she just has a crappy udder
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Have you tried milking it? Fill a sock with rice and microwave until its warm and put it on her udder or a really moist, warm towel and put it on that side. Keep trying to milk it out. If it is really full and hard sometimes the kids can't latch on. You can also massage peppermint oil on it. This helps with mastitis, bruising or poor circulation. Good luck!
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first, boers have many nipples; some work and some dont, and sometimes more then one works on one side and sometimes the kids cant latch properly because of the other teats. i had one that her kids used to suckle from two nipples at once because one was practically on top of the other so...


as the one person said: warm up the area, i actually used olive oil, do a gentle massage (like u would do on your breast, so as not to bruise the tissue) all teh way around, and then try clean and dry your hands, and then try gently to strip out some milk; check for a plug, make sure she is relaxed, give her some munchies while u mess with her, and also try to let one of the kids suckle from that side. check for discharge, or purple bruising (thats an emergency if u dont deal with it)... why would u have to put her down? mastitis is treatable. jsut make sure u milk her after u touched all healthy animals AND the healthy side. a bad breast is the last thing to do before u wash and clean your hands (fingernails, everything, with good soap.)...

and if that is the teat that we see, i've had those before... the teat doesnt work well, and the kid cant latch well... u will have to milk her out a bit and make sure the at least one kid is eating from that side. sometimes kids will only suckle from one side and the other side jsut stops 'working', just like with us, there is always one side that the baby prefers for whatever reason, so once a bit full, the baby wont drink from the 'difficult' side, so also for goats.  OR u can milk out that side and use it or save it or feed it to the dogs or whatever...  

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