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Egg Pimples INSIDE Egg?

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I have two Australorpes, got the girls last year, this is their second year now laying.  I noticed that one of them (or both, dratted hennies with same-colored eggs) seemed to lay a lot of eggs with the "pimples" on them, but as it really does no harm, thought no more on it.  Now though, I open an egg and there are small clusters of pimples floating around!  Sometimes there is a meat spot (not worried about it), but sometimes there are these little tiny balls of shell.  Sometimes they're floating around individually, sometimes clustered.  None of them are ever very big, all about the size of a pencil tip.  But, naturally, I have no desire to munch on shell, so those eggs go to the dogs.


Now, what I had been doing was saving the shells, crushing them down, then occasionally running them through my Bullet blender into crumbles.  The girls loved it.  However, I read that this can cause too MUCH calcium during the winter months.  No more shells lately and while the little pimples DO seem to be abating, they are still there and she/they do still lay eggs generously dusted with pimples.  (I plan on separating them so I can be sure who the offender is)


Has anyone ever heard of this?


(Will put pics up later when I get them off the camera)

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Definitely interested to see some pics of the eggs internally? When the egg is forming there is a long travel for the egg from start to finish and it seems there may be a hiccough in a hen. It does not sound too bad but I have never experienced the clusters inside the egg before. Do the clusters have a definite color like yellow or white?

  Now, for the pimples, you are talking outside the egg...bumps I will call them. That is not an issue. All my brain can think of is somewhere along the tract they are picking something up while developing the egg.  I am not a rocket scientist but I keep thinking about the diverse system a hen has to forming an egg... Here is a link that may be interesting. I hope someone has a more definitive answer for you...  Steve

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Here we go.



Outside.  Sometimes they have the pimples that are like growths as part of the shell, but most of the time it's this, like thousands of tiny "eggs" pasted TO the shell.



And the pimples inside.  A big cluster attached to a pair of meat spots,

a smaller cluster in the lower left that is just the spots, no meat,

then some single "floaters."

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I wanted to "bump" this to see if anyone else has any answers. I'm on here researching the EXACT same thing!  I'd been getting bumpy eggs from one hen for a bit, not white bumps though, her bumps are the same color as her egg shell (blue, she's an EE).  But one day when I cracked one open it looked exactly like your bottom picture.  I threw the egg out, won't even give them to the dogs!  Hope someone can tell what is going on.  I've been googling every different phrase I can think of but am finding nothing :(

My mom said my first word was "duck".  I'm pretty sure I was trying to say "dog".
My mom said my first word was "duck".  I'm pretty sure I was trying to say "dog".
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We are having the exact same issue with our 10 month old Black Austrolorp. The pimples are present inside and outside the egg and are the same brown color as the egg. Every now and then she lays a perfect egg. The hens free range in our backyard but also have free choice crumble and a free choice calcium/grit cup. There is fresh water available all of the time. As long as this isn't hurtful to her, I will keep tossing her eggs out. Is there anything that you have found that can fix this problem. We took the calcium cup away but another hen started laying soft shell or shell-less eggs. Thank you.

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From what I can find, it comes about because of an excess of calcium over the wintertime.  I had been tossing the eggshells in a bucket, then periodically grinding them to feed back.  They all loved it.  I took that away and they HAVE gotten better, but not completely gone.  Sometimes they're almost clear of the dots, or sometimes there are lots, just smaller.  I think with time, it should resolve on its own.  Just a flub in their systems perhaps?  This is their second year laying.

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I'm having the exact same issue.   There weren't many replies to this thread or thoughts so I'm bumping it in the hopes of somebody seeing it and shedding some light.  My main question--are the eggs safe to eat? Is it a sign of a bigger problem or sick bird?

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No feedback? I'm anxious to get some input!
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I recently experienced this too! My gut told me excess calcium but I had no knowledge or reference to back it up. Google was no help except for bringing me here. I hadn't been supplementing their winter feed either. Only happened once and I threw the egg out. I would LOVE to know what it is too.
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