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crusty lesion on beak near cheek ....... :(

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Ok guys I know I just got here and this is my first time on this forum but I have an emergency and I would like to sleep at peace tonight knowing that I may get an answer the next day . This is my hen "Angela " she is the most beautiful of the flock of 3 I have . I recently discovered a crusty lesion on her right side of her beak that looks like a bad case of herpes of canker sore . It is hard feels rocky and when I squeezed her beak open she would yell like a little girl , poor baby . I squeezed her beak open because I was able to also see that it is spread to the inside of that lesion in her beak as well. 

So I checked her poop it is clear with a greenish center, no blood. Looks like green diarrhea .

She and the other hens are shaking their little heads a lot . 

I went to Tractor Supply and got some Vet Rx and applied it to their beak nostrils inside their mouth rubbed a little under the wings. 

I did this to all three of them . 

Angela seems fine she eats, she runs away when I chase her. She still has her pretty fluffy figure, (still the prettiest). What could this be and I am willing to spend $$$$ to treat it even though she doesn't like me to catch her or the fact that she is just a hen my sister bought 3 months ago . She is my hen now and I want to treat her ASAP!!

Thank you !1000


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So I went back today to check on her after giving her VetRx last night in her nostrils and inside beak and on the lesion . I also applied some under her wings and the same for the other two. 


Today I gave them oatmeal and the only pullet that liked the warm oatmeal was Big Mike the black pullet the rest just didnt like it they avoided it and pecked the crumbs of chick feed I had mixed it with . They prefer dry flaky oatmeal straight from the cereal box cylinder. Yes Quaker instant is what I tried to feed all of them . 

I poured half a bottle of gatorade into half of 0.5 gallons cat waterer. The water nipple feeder I had installed was not doing to good they prefer to dip their beak and lift little heads back up . 

Inside the 0.5 gallons I poured 4 caps of Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. I did go by walmart to look for copper sulfate but Im a little scared to do that right now. Angela has a small lesion and copper sulfate is only as a last resort. 

Now today I observed them closely while pecking and eating the little treats I tossed in their coop I m keeping them confined for now , dang fricking pigeons must have given her this virus big mistake for letting em roam free eating bugs. 

I got Angela and applied some Nano Silver usng a Q tip  on the lesion and any where else on the body that had a little cut or scrape I heard its good to kill bacteria or viruses that are on the skin such as moloscum contagiousum which is a kind of std and wart that grows on peoples faces and genital areas. Hope the nano silver works on her lesion . Don't ask how I got the nano silver I know someone lol :) I was also able to remove whatever was in her beak that looks like a yellow piece of skin dangling connected to the inside of her beak . The poor girl tried hard to eat again afterwards. 

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You're right, she has canker. Treatment is metronidazole 250mg. It can be purchased online as "Fishzole."  Dosage is one 250mg tablet given orally once a day for 5 days. Canker is contageous via waterers/feeders and birds are carriers. You can control it with copper sulfate. Dosage is 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of water 3 days straight once every month.

A vet might sell you 5 metronidazole or flagyl (same thing)  250mg tablets. It might be costly though.

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Hey flock master I was checking out your old posts and replies thank you for replying I have ordered the Fishzole 250mg tablets and am waiting for them priority mail. :) Thanks for the extra advice on the copper sulfate . My pullets have been living together for a long time even after I noticed the lesion so they probably all have the same thing by now or should I still separate them ? How do I know if they already all have them . They are sharing the same waterer already . :(

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I got the chelated copper sulfate it looks blue and I went by the pharmacy after googling the measurements of 1/8th teaspoon. It is almost .7 ml or 0.667 ml around there . The pharmacist gave me a syringe that goes up to 1ml but there are 4 ml in a teaspoon. So if my waterer is 0.5 gallons then that must mean I should give .3 ml of copper sulfate into the 0.5 gallons waterer???


My sister stopped me in my tracks as I was about to squirt .3 ml of copper sulfate into the waterer she says 1 ml is a teaspoon so I should give less than .2 ml of copper sulfate it was like 4 drops or something. Not sure about this here is the syringe. SO my question is how much of a teaspoon of copper sulfate should i put into 0.5 gallons ? In other words to make things simpler using the image below, how many ml of copper sulfate liquid do I put into 0.5 gallons?



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My pretty pullet hen , Angela !!! She is doing much better thank you for all your support Dawg and anybody else who 

said a prayer for her . She looks better and that nasty crusty lesion is going away check out the images above and this one its almost 

invisible. These are the homeopathic remedies I tried WITHOUT FISHZOLE!!!! I never got it in the mail . So wonder if it was really canker or not. 


Within a time frame of 4 to 5 days from the moment I discovered the canker!


Heinz apple cider vinegar ..YES THE SUPERMARKET BRAND!! ---- 4 caps filled with cider daily in their autowaterer of 0.5 gallons

Vet Rx nightly -----under wings on their beaks in their nostrils as instructed , on the lesion too! 4-5days

Silver Cure nano silver ----- this stuff is amazing using silver particles to rid bacteria and any lesion virus ! Twice in 5 days apply on lesion. 

Gatorade a whole medium bottle mix with water-----used only one bottle you get at the gas station . 

Copper Safe ---chelated copper sulfate I tried 1 ml then upped the dosage to 2ml and the 3rd day i went 3 ml in their waterer . 

NO FISHZOLE YET should I still give it to her and just leave her alone for now ??


They all still have runny noses but not sure if its allergies or what . Looks like water or sweat . 


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