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So, I tried to take a look at the ordinance restrictions on chickens, and I can't find anything currently. I think Glendale might have switched to for posting their ordinance, but aside from the reorganization of all the material, it seems like the whole restriction part is missing.

... does this mean we can have chickens in Glendale now?
No, the city of Glendale still does not allow chickens. I really encourage you to get in touch with your council member so they no that there are more families who want backyard chickens.

It may depend upon your zoning too though. Any R1 zoning is not allowed backyard chickens. The code book is very hard to understand.
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I'm zoned R1-6. From what I understand from prior reading, that means I can't have chickens. I'll definitely try to get in touch with my rep. Still sifting through boxes, so I'm pretty limited on time until I finish settling in.

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Same here R1-6, HaPpY unpacking.☺
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I got a response from Deanne Burt (management assistant to Jamie Aldama, Glendale city council representative for the Ocotillo District) after issuing a letter of concern and interest regarding poultry ownership for residential homeowners. It seems positive.

A summary of the statement: They appreciate me for contacting them, the issue is being considered, staff is researching the item for presentation to city council "sometime soon". Aldama is considering my opinion and support.

I'm not sure how much of it is bureaucratic canned response, but I'm thrilled to at least have gotten that much. I think I'm going to take the initiative and start compiling an research document to propose. If anyone knows of any local resources that can corroborate as professional references, that might help. I might try reaching out to ASU's professors for opinions regarding the matter, as well as some outlying farms and some Facebook resources.

If you're reading this, please take the time to try and contact your representatives. Every email helps illustrate the interest of the public in this regard. Unless they hear our interest, they won't take action. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. We can make this change happen!

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I'm so glad you had a response. And yes, it seems like a lot of lip service. I also heard from Ryan Lee, assistant to Bart Turner and he said they are looking at backyard chicken keeping being brought to council sometime later this fall. or Uptown Grange on FB I have all my resources there, also state legislator David Farnsworth is creating another bill to keep cities from restricting homeowners from growing their own food on their own property. SB 1151 was the previous one that failed.

Let me know, I'd be happy to go to a council meeting if you are going to speak. I've still got lots to tell them too.
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Awesome news. I was out in downtown Glendale putzing around on Saturday, and ran into my city council rep. Jamie Aldama. I talked to him about repealing chicken prohibition from city ordinance for single family residential homes, and he said he was in support of the initiative, and that there's a city council meeting slated to happen some time later this year. The staff are supposedly currently researching it. I couldn't get a specific time for the council meeting (because I don't think they have set a time for it yet), but when I do find out I'll post here so we can rally support and go to the council meeting.

Also, Aldama has a "mobile office" service he does where he goes around and perhaps weekly meets with residents of his district. I plan on getting involved. I might get some t-shirts printed for this.

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I think by me initially going to council and requesting this it took it out of the hands of planning and zoning and now it is ultimately up to council to approve and not planning and zoning to determine....
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If that's the case, then I owe you cookies, and will name my first chicken after you. I hope they come to their senses, but still, keep pushing. The more people voice their opinions and express their desire for this to be legal, the sooner it will happen. Keep pushin! I know I will.

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Received this email yesterday evening. Finally some movement:

Okay Glendale residents, here is the first meeting. We just received from city of Glendale. It is a non speaking meeting, but bodies show support too:

In regards to allowing chickens as pets in residential neighborhoods, the City Council will receive a presentation and recommendation from city staff on December 15 here at City Hall. The workshop will begin at 1:30 in Council Chambers - Room B3. At this time we do not know the order of the agenda items. Sometimes these meetings can run very long so I will do my best to notify you when I know where this item is placed on the agenda. Please reach out to our office if you do not hear from me by Friday, December 11. Workshops are information only meetings that inform the City Council of needed information. For the December 15 meeting, the Council will not vote to approve or reject a new policy that allows chickens as residential pets, but it will give you an opportunity to hear from members of the City Council who choose to ask questions and share their input.

Best regards,

Council Assistant, Barrel & Cholla District
Glendale City Council
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I'll mark the date and see if I can get some other people from my neighborhood to participate. I know my roommates will be coming.

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