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I have a black chicken that's around 7 months old and hasn't been feeling well for about a week. She is outside during the day but sleeps in the house at night. She stayed in the house for 5 days just laying on a blanket in my room. She would eat soft foods - yogurt, grapes, tomatoes, turkey hot dogs & take in some water. She hadn't gone to the bathroom in over 24 hours last Saturday so checked her crop & it was full in a.m. so I massaged it throughout the day & she finally went. But she still isn't feeling great & her stool is loose. She normally would lay an egg 5-6 days a week, she hasn't laid one since Saturday. Her crop has been normal & I don't feel any lumps or impactions. I attached a pic of her stool, this is most formed it's been but weird. If anyone has any advice I sure would appreciate it. Only thing I've given in is apple cider vinegar. Thank you