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I know this is an old feed, but. Is it possible to put zebra finches with a bobwhite quail that is really small. I had to bring one in the house because she got pecked at and I am almost done healing her up. I think she is lonely and getting depressed and thought the other quail might not let her back into the pen. So the next best thing, get her a different cage mate
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I doubt zebra finches would cause any problems to quail and should the quail bother the finches, they can just fly away. I doubt they'll interact much though, so I'm not sure of the value of the finches as cage mates, but you could always try it.

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Thanks. I think I might pull the little male out of the pen since he will most likely get picked on come spring. Appreciate the feedback
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Quails are better off living on their own. But, I THINK that they might be able to live with pheasants.

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Hi there,


I know there are some people telling you otherwise, but I have successfully kept pheasants, quail, chickens, and waterfowl all together.  If you place them in a small pen together, then expect much conflict.  But if you have a huge aviary or dedicated space, then you could be ok.  It also is species-specific.  Some pheasants and quail are super aggressive and should be kept alone regardless of how nice of a palace you build for them.


Do you know which birds you plan on putting together?

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For now I am going to put the female that was injured with the small male. I have a 4 x 3 foot cage for them on an enclosed back porch. They will get plenty of sun without the wind and drafts. There is no heat in this area so hopefully they will still get their fluff for winter. Maybe next year I will go all out and turn the whole room into an aviary. As much as I would love to try bigger game birds, A lot of the ringnecks around here end up as coyote food so I am going to stick with small birds that will be kept as pets. We have a horse that our chickens hang with so for now they are safe and the larger quail pen is attached to the barn so it is as predator safe as we can make it.
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That sounds like a plan.  If you keep them in their own enclosure, kind of like a rabbit hutch but for quails, then they should be happy.  Take things one step at a time.  But you can successfully mix the birds, except the ones that are super aggressive.  Please keep us posted!

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All mine are in with all sorts of birds. (Avairy floors) ringnecks, love bird, budgies, canarys. No problems here smile.png
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