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My girls laid some soft shell/ shell less eggs when they first started laying. They will now occasionally have a soft shelled egg but not too frequently.  I give them oyster shell, crushed egg shells and yogurt.  One eats oyster shell constantly, the others not as much. 

Approximately how long did your occasional soft-shell go on for in the beginning?
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I am having this as a new issue. My hen has been laying eggs fine for months. She is eating layer diet and has oyster shells to eat as needed. All of a sudden we get this rubber egg that did not even hold up its shape. The only thing that is different is that the weather here has got very hot in the last couple of days (100 degrees). They are shaded but do show signs of raising their wings and breathing heavily at times. I have a mister for them and even spray them when I think it is needed. Yesterday I even dipped a couple of the younger hens (non laying) who looked like the heat was getting to them. They seemed to really like resting in the cool water for a refresher.


Can the weather be doing this to the eggs? My other two hens are producing just fine.



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So I have a small flock of 3. Recently 2 of the 3 have developed laying problems. One stopped laying all together and another only lays soft shelled eggs. This has been going on for almost 2 months. The chickens are not quite 24 months, I feed layer feed, scratch, Oyster Shells, and assorted table scraps. I have wormed them with Ivermectin and that hasn't helped. Any ideas?

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One of my 4 hens, Sheila the Aussie, age 1 yr, has been laying soft shelled eggs for almost a month.  In the middle of this, she went broody and was put in the broody buster cage for  4 days.  This is a week after her release and she has laid 2 soft shell eggs so far and no normal ones.   The hens are  free range and although they have Layena pellets available, they eat very little of it.  They also have oyster shell available.  I have mixed oyster shell with 1 or 2 scrambled eggs and they will eat some of that but often leave half uneaten.  I also mix milk with scrambled eggs and they seem to like that better.   They have unlimited grass to eat and I assume grass has calcium, as do bugs?  I have not found information on nutritional content of free range foraging.  

Here are some of the other conditions that may be factors,  She has been stressed, surely by being broody, by being caged.   Also it is very hot, upper 90's.  They do have lots of shady areas but it's still very hot.   

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them, thanks!

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