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Pancho's condition is still the same as of this morning...She has managed to peck the mass down in size.  I gave her some laying pellets this morning in addition to the chick starter she had access to during the night.  She ate a good breakfast and there was good poop on her towel.  I tried moving the mass a little by hand again but no such luck with it coming free.  My concern is that if she can not pass this mass she may become egg bound with a new incoming egg..?...

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Another warm, soapy bath just moments ago - still no change....

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I can not find anything online that fits the description of Pancho's problem :/  It appears as though it is/was an egg that passed through and to her vent then became stuck.  She has a yellow mass (looks like hard boiled egg yolk, yellow only) stuck from inside her vent and hanging on the outside.  Anyone out there seen this kind of thing?  It doesnt appear to be an egg bound or prolapsed problem...when I tug gently on the mass it seems like its stuck on to something inside her vent....Any help/ideas out there?

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I'm wondering if it is stuck to her feathers and that is why it seems like it's stuck on the inside? That would make tugging difficult and resistant. If it's cooked yolk it may have "cooked" with the feathers inside. I'd just keep cleaning, picking it away.
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Have you heard of internal laying? I just found another gal who described the cooked eggs symptom. Can we post links to other people's blogs? Scroll down to about April 24th, 2012. I guess she took her hen to the vet and they had to remove about 2lbs (via surgery) of what looked like cooked yolk and a few eggs!! Hope this helps!!
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Any updates?
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Great now I will never know the outcome...
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I know, right? Hope the chicky is doing better!
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Does anyone now what this might be. Seems like a small red ball poking out and it looks like creamy colored dierriea but the chick acts fine. It's 5 weeks old.
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