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Eating eggs after using Wazine 17? - Page 2

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I have NOT stopped eating the eggs after using Wazine.  :rolleyes:  NO health effects and I don't have worms.  :P  just me ~ decide what is best for you.  :)  HOWEVER (coma)  some other wormers may be a different consideration.   i.e. Benzamidazole

It's your choice whether to eat eggs after worming or not, no matter what type of wormer it is. The same can be said about antibiotics whether there's a withdrawal period or not. One thing we know is that there IS residue in the eggs, no matter how slight. The problem is we dont know if an individual might be sensitive or allergic to the product which can possibly have dire consequences at the worst. Another thing we know for sure is eggs should NOT be fed back to chickens due to wormer/antibiotic residue in the eggs. Why? Because worms and bacteria build resistance to the product (wormer/antibiotic respectively.) When this happens the product requires increased dosage or a different kind of product is needed to treat/cure the problem. Everyone has heard of antibiotic resistance due to its overuse when not needed, rendering alot of antibiotics useless. The same is true for wormers; that's why ivermectin/eprinex is useless as wormers in chickens.

I only mention this simply because alot of folks figure if it's okay for them to eat the eggs, it's okay for chickens as well.

Personally, I observe withdrawal periods.

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Can u mix wazine and sulmet together in there water.
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Here's my two cents - I figure almost every CAFO chicken laying eggs for human consumption gets regular antibiotic as well as wormer in its feed.

Now, granted, many people like me raise organically and ethically BUT people consume CAFO eggs every day and there are no reports of this directly affecting their health.

I have only had to worm once, I know this would make my chickens no longer "certified" organic however since they're for my own use I prefer not to let them suffer in the name of certification. We ate the eggs (piperazene was the wormer used) and did not notice any kind of off taste or personal side effect smile.pngsmile.png
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